Associate of Arts in Church Ministries

Prepare for a more effective church ministry with an associate of arts degree from
Global University.

A college degree, ministerial credential preparation, and specific training—all in one program.

Bible open to Psalms containing hand written notes and highlights

100% Web-based Degree

En Global Univeristy, creemos que un título acreditado es para cualquier persona, en cualquier momento, y en cualquier lugarEs por eso que estamos presentando nuestro título de Asociado en Ministerios de la Iglesia basado 100% en la web

  • Obetenga un título acreditado (60 horas de crédito en total)
  • Clases de ocho semanas, estudie cuándo y cómo lo necesite.
  • Continúe sirviendo a su familia y a su iglesia mientras estudia.
  • Precios asequibles -- nuestro objetivo es que se gradúe sin deudas escolares!
  • Cumplir con los requisitos educativos para la certificación, licencia y ordenación de las Asambleas de Dios.
  • Redes nacionales/grupos de estudios

Certificación y Licencias

The Associate of Arts in Church Ministries provides the basic educational background and training in ministry, Bible, and theology required for more effective church ministry. This program helps students fulfill the education requirements for certification, licensing, and ordination with the Assemblies of God (students should always consult with their district or network leadership for full requirements).

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Mi nombre es Blue Sky. Actualmente estoy inscrito en el programa Asociado en Ministerios de la Iglesia con Global University. Desde que me gradué de la escuela secundaria en 2018, ha sido un sueño ir a la universidad, pero no parecía posible. Decidí inscribirme en este programa porque nunca tuve la oportunidad de ser parte de una escuela sin tener miles de dólares en deuda. Este nuevo programa ha sido una oportunidad fantástica. He completado dos cursos, pero ya he aprendido mucho y me siento más cerca de Dios debido a mis estudios… Espero aprender más y trabajar hacia mis metas.

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Blue Sky Becerra

Springfield, Missouri

Frequently Asked Questions - Associate of Arts in Church Ministries

What is the AACM?

The Associate of Arts in Church Ministries (AACM) degree is collegiate level course work that specializes in ministry training and results in an accredited Global University degree.

Are courses offered in Spanish?

Yes! The Associate of Arts in Church Ministries is available in English and in Spanish. 

How long will it take me to complete the AACM program?

The AACM requires 60 credit hours for degree completion (30 courses total).

You may purchase more than one course at a time; however, we recommend enrolling in only one course at a time.

● One course per month: 2.5 years
● One course every two months: 5 years

Do I need to finish the entire program before I am eligible to apply for credentials?

No. Completing of Year One courses prepares you to apply for the Certified Minister credential,
Year Two for the Licensed Minister credential, and Year Three for the Ordained Minister

However, completing of the entire program of study (60 credit hours) is required to earn the Associate of Arts in Church Ministries degree.

What is the difference between an associates degree and a bachelors degree?

There are four main differences between an associates degree and a bachelors degree:

  1. Time – An associate’s degree consists of 60 credit hours, whereas a bachelor’s degree consists of 120 credit hours. In general, an associate’s degree takes much less time to complete.
  2. Cost! The cost varies by school, but the AACM at Global University is $82.50 per credit hour. The cost of a bachelor’s degree is $147.00 per credit hour.
  3. Level of course work – The AACM has 100-200 level course work, objective exams, student learning requirements, and an internship opportunity. The bachelor’s degree includes course work ranging from 100 to 400 level, objective exams, student learning requirements, and writing assignments such as research papers.
  4. Future Flexibility – An associate’s degree allows you, the student, to choose what happens next. The AA degree may be ideal for advancing your career, gaining credibility, substituting teaching, or going on for further education. Alternatively, you may decide that the AA fulfills the goals you set for yourself and that no further formal education is needed or desired.
Where do I buy textbooks and how long do I have to complete a course?

There are no additional textbooks required with this program! The courses are 100% web-based – including the textbooks!

You have eight weeks to complete each course in which you are enrolled. If you do not finish the course in those eight weeks, you will receive an “incomplete” and will have to re-enroll at a later date, at full price. This program does not offer course extensions.

What is an SLR?

SLR stands for Service Learning Requirement. This requirement is intended to give you the opportunity to serve in your local ministry/ community, apply course knowledge, improve critical thinking skills, and grow as an informed, active, and responsible follower of Christ.

Examples of a service learning requirement include witnessing to non-believers, preaching, or teaching a lesson. 

What is the Children's Ministry certificate concentration?

A certificate serves as proof that a student completed education and/or training in a specific field while enrolled in college courses. A certificate is not the same as a degree. 

A concentration refers to a subject or study within a specific degree.

Students working towards a Children’s Ministry Certificate will complete four courses:

  • MINC 108 Building Lifetime Faith in Children
  • MINC 118 Creative Preaching for Children’s Ministry
  • MINC 228 Essential Elements of Children’s Ministry 
  • MINC 238 Essential Connections of Children’s Ministry