Children's Ministry Certificate

Children's Ministry Certificate Program

Develop skills and gain knowledge that will help your children's ministry thrive.

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Children's Ministry Certificate

This certificate provides basic training in specific areas related to effective children’s ministry. 

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8 Credits

This class is designed for students to be able to understand the process whereby young people establish a deep and lasting faith. These keys, known as eight goals of discipleship, become anchors to their long-term faith. Students will discover ways to enhance these discipleship principles through both large- and small-group formats with the goal of raising up generations of kids and teens with faith that is strong enough to last.

Creative Preaching for Children provides students with tools to develop clear and engaging services for children with exciting techniques, creative structure, and deep biblical learning. Creative Preaching aims to build enduring faith in the lives of the next generation. Upon completion, students should have acquired skills in multiple facets of teaching, as well as knowledge of how children learn and grow in godly faith and conduct.

Essential Elements of Children’s Ministry provides students understanding of primary elements of the 21st century children’s ministry. The course helps children’s ministry leaders understand how to create an actionable plan for keeping children safe and applicable to their specific context In addition, it familiarizes students with the use of digital resources in achieving their ministry goals. The course presents approaches to community outreach in light of cultural challenges, the needs in specific communities, and the dynamics of the home. The combination of these three areas of focus make Essential Elements of Children’s Ministry a relevant course for anyone pursuing a ministry path to children.

Every ministry has its own unique set of challenges, knowing how to set your ministry up to succeed and properly respond to challenges is critical for long-term success. This course offers valuable insight in leading children’s ministry for the long-haul. Ministry can be an extremely rewarding, yet demanding job. This course helps the student understand that Children’s Ministry is worth devoting one’s life to and can be enjoyable and rewarding.