School for Evangelism and Discipleship

Discipleship Training for Every Believer

Go Deeper with God

Are you passionate about deepening your faith and sharing the love of Christ with your friends and family? We understand the challenges of wanting to go deeper with God and not knowing where to begin. Do you want a more systematic approach to learning about God? We know you want what you are learning to be connected and applicable to your life.

Global University’s School for Evangelism and Discipleship provides you with the training to deepen your faith and encouragement to share your faith with others.

Christian Life Series

A Spiritual Guide to the Christian Life

The Christian Life Series is designed to guide you in your spiritual growth. It provides a comprehensive roadmap for developing your devotions, deepening your understanding of doctrine, shaping your character, and enhancing your service to others. Through this program, you will gain a foundational understanding of your faith and learn how to live out your beliefs in everyday life.

woman studying bible
Men and women meeting for Bible Study

Christian Service Series

Learn How to Put Your Faith into Action

Our Christian Service series delves into missions, evangelism, spiritual development, practical ministry skills, and biblical studies. This series equips you with the useful abilities and knowledge you need to serve effectively in various ministry contexts. It is designed to prepare you to serve the church and your community.


Exploring Belief Systems

Explore, understand, and engage with diverse belief systems through the Worldview Series. This three-book collection gives you an understanding of atheism, New Age beliefs, and relativistic worldviews. These evangelistic books will help deepen your understanding of different worldviews and how to share your faith more effectively.

21st Century Discipleship Series

Christianity in Today’s World

The 21st Century Discipleship Series is a three-part series designed to guide you from your first steps as a new believer to the everyday challenges of Christians and making a difference in the world around you. Topics range from developing a passion for prayer to leadership development. This series equips you with the spiritual tools to live a fulfilling and impactful Christian life.