Study Groups

What is a Study Group?

Global University strongly believes in the potential of what God can do when we work together. Our study group program was developed to allow men and women to mentor each other while applying the lessons of their church and the local community.

Meeting Of Bible Study GroupOnce a study group is created, students enroll with Global University in one of four areas: School for Evangelism and Discipleship, Berean School of the Bible, and/or undergraduate or graduate-level courses. Then GU Study Groups meet, allowing like-minded students to benefit from the synergy and support of the group while staying local.

Benefits of a Global University Study Group

Students learn with a nationally recognized educational and distance learning program.

Study groups encourage comprehensive Bible study.

Study groups are charged lower fees because of group discounts.

Students share in stimulating and guided class discussions led by an approved facilitator.

Group study provides an appropriate setting for students to encourage one another.

Attending class encourages students to complete their course work in a timely manner.

Global University Study Group Articles

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How to Start a Study Group

You start by downloading the appropriate study level Procedures Manual and completing the Study Group Agreement Form. Fax the agreement form to Global University, Attn: Study Groups at 417-862-0863. Please call 1-800-443-1083 for more information. Complete an online form to request more information about Global University Study Groups.