A Letter From China

Dear Friend of China

A 17-year-old boy in China named Liu* made a decision.

A fateful decision.

Liu decided not to accept the public high school education available to him and instead entered a Christian high school program. This means he cannot take entrance exams to any colleges or universities in China.

He has closed the door on one future, but God is opening a door to another one — a future serving Jesus.

When Liu’s parents asked if he was sure this was his desire, he replied: “I am ready now to give my life for Jesus. I want to serve Jesus with my life, no matter the cost.”

Liu represents a new generation of Chinese believers who are passionate about the Lord and His Word. China Bible College offers them the opportunity to study the Bible, Christian living and service courses, and Pentecostal doctrine.

All of it online, in their mother tongue, and free of charge!

Today, I am asking if you will also make a decision.

I am asking you to give a gift of $1 that will help provide Chinese believers like Liu with an education in the Word of God through China Bible College.

Liu’s father is helping us translate and post materials to the China Bible College site. So Liu is readily able to access these courses and get a Bible college education right alongside his high school education.

Every course that Liu studies costs just $1 to provide.

Someone like you recently gave a gift of $54, which we are using to make all 54 China Bible College courses available to Liu.

But there are potentially millions of other Chinese believers who would love their first opportunity EVER to study these courses and grow in their faith. Before China Bible College, there wasn’t a way to quickly and efficiently deliver a full Bible study and Christian discipleship program to the entire Chinese church.

Now, thanks to the generosity of friends like you, it is a reality and we need to keep China Bible College going.

That’s where your faithful support comes in. Each month, we must service numerous course enrollments from believers in China and also work on the translation and posting of new materials to the website.

Even with all that, it still just costs $1 to provide a Chinese believer with a China Bible College course.

I hope you will make a decision to give many gifts to Chinese believers like Liu this year. Many gifts of $1 to provide them with China Bible College courses are needed.

There is no limit to the number of Christmas gifts you can give.

At just $1 each, you could give 10, 25, 50, 100 or even 200 Christmas gifts.

Your giving this month will benefit your brothers and sisters in China greatly! In a majority of cases, they have NEVER studied the Bible at this level.

Liu said: “I am ready now to give my life for Jesus. I want to serve Jesus with my life, no matter the cost.”

The passion and faith in his young generation (which grows larger each day) must be tempered with the true doctrines and teachings of the Word. You provide that for them when you give to China Bible College.

Liu made a fateful decision to close the door on one future that millions of other Chinese youth dream of. But as a result of Liu doing so, God opened a door for him to know His Word and serve in ministry.

China Bible College is part of Liu’s future.

I hope you will make a decision to be part of the future of many other believers.

Will you give a Christmas gift of $1 to provide a China Bible College course for one Chinese believer?

Gifts of $10, $25, $50, $100, $500, $1,000 are suggested gift amounts on the enclosure, and also represent the number of Chinese believers who will benefit from your gift, but you can give whatever amount God puts on your heart.

Thank you for your time today and your generous support for China Bible College. You’re making a big difference.

Yours for China,

Gary L. Seevers Jr., Ph.D.