4 Exciting Career Paths that You Could Follow with a Master of Divinity Degree

Are you considering studying toward a Master of Divinity degree but don’t like the idea of preaching in a church? Don’t let that stop you! There are many rewarding career paths for a Master of Divinity graduate other than becoming a traditional church pastor. 

At Global University, our graduates have gone on to share the gospel in creative and non-traditional ways, and we’d like to share four of those potential career paths with you today. 

1. Chaplain 

If you love to offer empathy and spiritual guidance one-on-one, a career as a chaplain is a great fit. A chaplain is a minister who serves the spiritual and religious needs of people in specific contexts such as hospitals, prisons, or the military. Life’s struggles can be a test of faith for people in these settings, and chaplains have the unique opportunity to help them renew their relationship with Jesus. 

2. Missionary 

If you love to travel and have a heart for evangelism, the missionary life may be for you. In countries such as China and India, only a tiny percentage of the population has heard the gospel, and you can play a significant role in bringing those people to Jesus. With your Master of Divinity degree, you could also work toward managing a missionary outreach program. 

3. Professor 

Did you enjoy the research and study aspects of college? Do you have a unique talent for teaching? With a Master of Divinity degree, you can become a professor of theology or philosophy at a collegiate level. Becoming a teacher allows you to research and gain new knowledge about your faith while educating and mentoring students along the way. 

4. Christian Counselor 

Are you interested in how the mind works? Do you want to apply your Christian faith to the events unfolding in society? You can use your Master of Divinity degree to become a Christian counselor, helping your clients navigate emotional struggles from a Christian perspective. This career path would require an additional counseling license.

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