Alumni Impact – Jeffrey Henry

This month’s blog post is from one of our Berean alumni, Jeffrey Henry.

I was your typical ADHD child. Growing up in the ‘80s, most teachers did not know how to deal with students like me. Most of my elementary and high school memories are pretty bad ones. Teachers said I couldn’t learn, that I was a waste of space and that my life did not matter.


For the next twenty years or so, I worked different jobs but never felt fulfilled. A few years after our marriage in 1999, my wife Jodie and I were impacted by a move of the Holy Spirit that completely changed the direction that our lives were headed. After joining an Assemblies of God church in 2006, God began to put the call of ministry on my heart. My response was instant panic. I had carried the negative words of my teachers in my soul for so many years that I really believed I was not capable of learning.

God blessed us with a strong pastor who believed with us in the call of God on my life. He introduced me to Global University. Reluctantly, I enrolled and was accepted. Just the feeling I got from reading the email that I had been accepted was enough to stir my heart!

I began my first course and was amazed at how the Lord was able to rebuild my confidence in learning through his Word. The way Global courses are set up so students can work at their own pace was huge for me because I had a full-time job! Finally, mid-way through my first tier of studies, something happened to me that I had never experienced before. I earned an A on an exam! What a blessing!

In 2014, I completed my first level of studies and was credentialed by the Assemblies of God. Today, still an avid Global student, I am a student ministry pastor to a thriving group of students in the Philadelphia suburbs.

I cannot express how much I love Global University. Thank you for putting together a program that has allowed me to not only grow in Christ but defeat demons from my past that have been haunting my soul for years!

Can you really start over at 37?

Yes, you can!

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