Bachelor’s Degree in Bible and Theology: Career Paths

Getting a bachelor’s degree is often the first step into a particular line of work or a long-term career. Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology Studies through Global University prepares you for many exciting career options.

Here are just a few great careers to consider. 

Most Common Career Paths

  • Pastor 
  • Archeologist
  • Missionary
  • Evangelist
  • Director of Christian non-profit organization
  • Theologian


This is the most obvious and direct career path that most graduates end up taking. Our program provides students with the necessary skills to lead and engage a church following.

A bachelor’s degree through Global University opens you up to professional connections related to your course of study. Meet and learn from pastors and ministers and discover what the daily duties of being a minister entail.


Many churches have directors that work closely with faculty members and the congregation to lead teams and make impactful decisions. Having a degree in biblical studies prepares you with a solid foundation to make such decisions. 

Church director job roles can vary, from creative director to youth director, organizational skills learned during your bachelor’s degree program are key for success. Directors work to build community outreach and serve to direct back-of-house operations in line with the church’s overarching goals. 


A missionary is anyone called by the Lord to make disciplines and convert non-believers to the Christian faith. If your goal is to travel the world and spread the word of God, then this is the right path for you. 

While some missionaries do go to Third World countries, there are just as many who perform their duties in their home countries or communities. 


Chaplains are ministers who provide religious services and counsel in specific ministries. Your job as a chaplain involves offering interfaith or non-denominational counsel to those in need. Similar to counselors, they often encounter emotionally troubled people who need guidance. Chaplains work in various settings:   

  • Prisons 
  • US Military 
  • Hospitals 
  • College/University
  • Police Department

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Some Career Options You Might Not Have Considered

Take some time to consider alternatives to being a pastor or missionary. Choosing to repurpose a degree is something many people often do. 

  • Charity fundraiser 
  • Charity officer 
  • Civil Service Administrator 
  • Policy officer
  • Solicitor
  • Youth worker
  • Newspaper reporter
  • Community development worker

Take the First Step to an Exciting Career

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