A Mission Letter From Global University

Dear Friend of Global University,

You can bring the Truth into someone’s life for $1 through Global University’s Evangelism Fund.

     Akwa, an elderly man of the Duala people of West Africa, had lived many decades hoping to one day discover it. He looked for it within the pages of the Koran, and hoped to learn it from conversations with others. But Truth was not to be found.

     Finally, well into his latter years, the Truth was placed in his hands — in the form of a Global University evangelism course.

     Before I tell you Akwa’s remarkable story, let me impress upon you the urgent nature of the financial situation facing our Evangelism Fund.

     We need help immediately!

     Requests for evangelism resources are coming in from India and Africa. But we don’t have the funds to respond. Just $1 enables us to print and send an evangelism piece overseas.

     Such a small amount has tremendous potential. We’ve determined through research that every printed evangelism piece is read by as many as four people!

     Anyone can provide a stack or boxful of evangelism pieces with one offering. But the distribution of these pieces has now outstripped our supply. The Evangelism Fund is currently very low, and we need your help to replenish it.

     As you consider what you can do to help, let me tell you about what happened to Akwa a few weeks ago.

     My friend Tim, one of our missionaries, was in Akwa’s village in rural West Africa. He noticed a group of men inside a dark hut, and they were talking loudly. Tim recognized some of the words as being from the Duala dialect spoken by the Duala unreached people group!

     Tim sensed an opportunity. He came closer to listen. Some of the men were speaking French. The discussion was about God. Some of the questions were:

     “How can we be certain we can know God? Is there really a way to know God? What is Truth, and what does it mean for us humans?”

     Tim stepped in and told the men about Jesus Christ and how He himself is the living Truth. He referenced the Book of John and pointed to the Old Testament prophecies about Jesus.

     Some of the men left. But Akwa stayed and listened. Tim then gave Akwa a copy of Who Jesus Is (a discipleship course about the person of Jesus) and told him he could find the truth about Jesus in the Bible.

     Akwa was grateful and accepted the gift. Tim left then, but a few hours later he had to return to the hut in the village to inquire about an item he had lost. He was surprised to see Akwa surrounded by a large group of men. He was reading to them from Who Jesus Is.

     Akwa said to Tim, “Thank you for this. I am old and my years are almost done. I recently asked Allah to reveal himself to me, if he really was real. Now you have brought me the Truth about God. But I have many more questions.”

     Tim then produced a New Testament and an evangelism piece called “The Great Questions of Life.” He instructed Akwa to read the Bible and the GQL to find answers to his questions.

     Friend, if we believe that the Word of God does not return void, then you and I know God has planted a seed in Akwa’s heart — that will grow and impact that entire Duala village — using just a couple of GU evangelism pieces. We have seen so many thousands come to Christ around the world through these simple printed pieces, and the demand for them is growing. (For example, we distribute them by the tens of thousands to people in Africa and India.)

     But right now we don’t have enough monies in the Evangelism Fund to print and send out many more of these evangelism pieces. We want to invite friends like you to step up and help! If we don’t keep the Evangelism Fund healthy, we won’t be able to send evangelism resources to individuals like Akwa, or to unreached people groups like the Duala. Evangelism is an important part of our ministry! Please join with us today. Give something that will bring Truth into a life!

     Remember, every $1 you give provides as many as four people with a presentation of the gospel. So your gift of $25 will help reach 100 people for Christ; $50 will help reach 200 people; and $100 will help reach 400 people.

     You can take the Truth of God’s love to as many people as you like by giving to the Evangelism Fund today. Fill out the enclosed form and return it to me with your offering as quickly as you can. Or, you can go to our website www.globaluniversity.edu and give an online contribution. Thank you in advance for helping us replenish the Evangelism Fund!

Yours for the unreached,

Gary L. Seevers, Jr., Ph. D.

P.S. The Evangelism Fund is very important! People like Akwa are waiting for someone to bring them the Truth.