4 Tips for Reading Through the Entire Bible

Reading the Bible is an enjoyable task, and most people have their favorite chapters and verses they love to revisit. But it can be surprising how few people have read the Bible in its entirety. Often, we start a goal of reading the Bible cover to cover but fall off somewhere along the way.


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Why Should Christians Read the Bible?

The Bible is God’s Word, and having a better understanding of His Word helps us to better comprehend the nature of God. If we want to base our lives around His teachings, as well as teach others about God, the Bible is our primary textbook.


It isn’t easy to teach others what we haven’t read ourselves. A thorough knowledge of the Bible is vital to anyone hoping to pursue a career in ministry, pastoral studies, or missions.


Tips For Reading Through the Bible

If you have made it your goal to read the Bible entirely, discover some things you can do to stay motivated and hold yourself accountable.


Spread it Out Over a Year

Any long book can be challenging to finish, but this is not just any book. This is the book God has given us to learn more about Him so that we may better serve Him. If looking at the Bible in its entirety seems intimidating, break it down into smaller segments and read a little every day. You can spread it out over six months or a year, and there are guides you can find that give suggested timelines and ways to break it down.


Start a Reading and Accountability Group

Find a group of students or individuals with the same goal willing to partner with you to achieve it. Start a weekly study group where you read a designated section and then get together to discuss it. The discussions will help you better understand what you read and motivate you to keep going.


Make Reading Time Enjoyable

Thinking of reading as a chore or duty will make it less enjoyable. Set aside a quiet time, sit outside or somewhere quiet, get a cup of coffee, and make your reading a pleasant experience. Give yourself enough time to look over the study materials associated with each section.


Take a Bible Course

Sometimes a little motivation is all you need. By taking a study course, you will not only get to read through the Bible but also go in-depth into the meaning of chapters and passages. Discussing the Bible with fellow students may make it feel more alive and help you connect with what you are reading.


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