About “Our Story”


Welcome to Our Story.


Global University is an extremely unique place. We are a university in that we provide courses and degrees to those seeking to advance their education. However, we see education as an evangelistic tool and use it not only to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but to train those Christians seeking to deepen their understanding of a complex and fascinating God. We incorporate both education and missions into our university motto: “Winning the lost and training the found… everywhere!”

Many people will access our website or go to our Facebook page and see that we are an educational institution, but don’t ever see that we are more than that. We are an educational institution dedicated to winning souls to Christ and we want to share our story with you!

That’s part of what Our Story is about. We want to share the amazing things that God is doing through Global University with those who are already a part of our family, as well as to those who want to know a little more about us and the amazing people we work with.We want to show the world how God is using the friends of Global University around the world and how their stories are a part of our story.

You may have noticed our logo. It’s a little strange in that it reads Your Story and Our Story at the same time. We did that to reflect a very real truth. We can’t do this alone. We are nothing without those who partner with us in fulfilling this great commission.


So please, come be a part of our story.


Because our story is nothing without yours.