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Equipped for ministry

Do you want to deepen your faith and learn to lead others? The Berean School of the Bible is your guide. Your call to become a pastor or church leader can be daunting. That is why we have crafted an educational journey that evolves with you.

Through Berean’s comprehensive courses, you will learn how to understand and implement biblical texts and doctrines. Designed in collaboration with the Assemblies of God, the Berean School of the Bible prepares you for effective leadership in ministry.

Why Study with Berean?

Flexible Scheduling

Life does not pause for studies, and neither should you. Our flexible, self-paced courses available in print and online are designed to fit into your life, not interrupt it.

Do Ministry as You Learn

Learning is not just about acquiring knowledge; it is about using that knowledge to make a difference. The Service Learning Requirement allows you to apply your knowledge in real-world situations.

You Are Not Alone

We are here to help! The Berean faculty is available through email or by phone to answer questions about content. Student Services provides administrative support. Study groups, leadership colleges, and network/district schools of ministry allow you to study Berean courses in groups.

Ministerial Studies

Meet the Academic Requirements for Credentialing with the Assemblies of God

The Ministerial Studies Diploma from Berean School of the Bible is designed for those seeking credentials with the Assemblies of God. This program equips you with a deeper understanding of biblical texts, Pentecostal doctrine, and practical ministry skills.

The Ministerial Studies Program at Berean is your stepping stone to making a meaningful impact as a pastor.

Ministerial Studies
with Leadership honors

Lean into Leadership

Berean School of the Bible’s Ministerial Studies with Leadership Honors Diploma sets the stage for your development into an exceptional leader. This program emphasizes the power of mentorship, personal discipleship, evangelism, and the impact of guiding others. The Ministerial Studies with Leadership Honors track is your pathway to becoming an influential leader and shaping lives through your ministry.

Bible and Doctrine Diploma

Delve Deeper

The Bible and Doctrine Diploma is your gateway to understanding God’s Word. These seventeen courses cultivate your ability to effectively teach and share the Gospel, making it perfect for those seeking to serve as a lay leader in their local church. The Bible and Doctrine Diploma at Berean allows you to delve deeper into the Scriptures, enriching your personal devotional life and empowering you to inspire others with the joy of God’s Word.

Ministry Training for Credentials with the Assemblies of God.
Distance education for ministry credentials with the AG.

Momentum Training Diploma

Empowering Ministry Leaders

The Momentum Training Diploma is a unique opportunity to enhance your leadership skills as a lay minister in the Assemblies of God church. In partnership with the Assemblies of God National Office, this program offers a comprehensive training series designed to improve your skills and confidence in various ministry areas. With the flexibility to study individually or as a group and the opportunity for national certification, the Momentum Training Diploma is your gateway to becoming a more effective and confident ministry leader. Start your Momentum Training today and experience the satisfaction of your hard work being recognized and certified.

Royal Rangers Organizational Leaders Diploma

Shaping Future Leaders with Royal Rangers

Unleash your leadership potential with the Royal Rangers Organizational Leaders Diploma from the Berean School of the Bible and the Royal Rangers National Office. This program is designed for Royal Ranger leaders aspiring to take on roles beyond the local church level. It provides a comprehensive understanding of Bible content, theological principles, and general ministry skills, preparing you for effective ministry to Royal Rangers and their families. With the Royal Rangers Organizational Leaders Diploma, you are not just earning a qualification but inspiring tomorrow’s leaders.

Prepare for ministry with BSB, GU and the AG
BSB training for Ministry credentials with your district of the Assemblies of God

Church Volunteer Certificate

Empowering the Heart of the Church

The Church Volunteer Service Certificate from Berean School of the Bible is a unique program designed to equip the unsung heroes of the church—the volunteers. This program provides foundational training for those serving in the local church. It is ideal for volunteers, leadership such as deacons, or anyone seeking personal enrichment. As a participant, you will gain a basic understanding of the Bible and God and cultivate a passion for serving others in your local church. The Church Volunteer Service Certificate is your opportunity to enhance your service, deepen your faith, and significantly impact your church community.

Remember, learning does not stop here!

We hope to instill love for lifelong learning ensuring you are always at the forefront of ministry best practices.

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