Evangelism & Discipleship

School for Evangelism & Discipleship

Prepare for a future of Christian outreach anywhere in the world with the resources of Global University's School for Evangelism & Discipleship


The purpose of Global University’s School for Evangelism and Discipleship is to reach the lost anywhere in the world.

This program teaches the nature of faith, the life of Jesus, and the love of God. It is an introduction to all of God’s blessings through His holy word in the Bible.

Christian Life

The 18-course Christian Life Program provides a spiritual guide to life in the Christian faith, with detailed courses on Devotional Development, Doctrinal Development, Character Development, and Service Development.

Christian Service

Teach your flock the philosophy and practice of Christian Service. The Christian Service Program follows the Bible’s guidance for training laypeople for God’s work.

This 18-course program provides a foundation for anyone interested in serving the Church.

21st Century Discipleship Series

This three-book series teaches the foundations of Christian Discipleship in the 21st Century. 

The books focus on Getting Started in a Christian Life, Facing Issues in a Christian Life, and Making a Difference through a Christian Life.

Worldview Series

Teach people from all the world’s religions about the life of Jesus and the Word of God.

Used in more than 175 countries and over 120 languages, these materials are unsurpassed in accomplishing the tasks of evangelism and discipleship. Christian Life materials are ideal for group or individual studies.

Children's Evangelism and Discipleship Materials

Provide children with an inspiring education in the fundamentals of faith and the Gospel message, including: Spiritual Life, The Bible, Theology, The Church, Service, and Christian Ethics.

This program is perfect for children of all ages.