School for Ministry Development

Admissions Requirements and Information

Requirements for admission to the Associate of Arts in Church Ministries program as well as policies and other information for the School for Ministry Development are detailed below. 

Admission to the Associate of Arts in Church Ministries Program

Possession of a high school diploma or its equivalent is required for full admission into the AACM program of study. Under certain circumstances, provisional admission may be granted to students who are unable to provide proof of secondary education. Students who receive provisional admission may study up to 16 credits. A provisionally accepted student must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.00. A provisionally accepted student who wants to continue after completing 16 credits must qualify for full admission or receive special approval from the dean.


All persons must enroll as a new student in this school, even if they have studied in other schools of Global University. After opening an account with Global University, you may apply for enrollment in a degree or certificate program. There is no limit to the number of credits you may earn as an at-large student as long as a minimum GPA of 2.0 is maintained. However, an application to a program is required in order to apply credits toward program completion.

All students must enroll by creating an account and studying entirely through the Learning Management System at

High School Students

High school students under the age of 18 must submit parental consent as well as their current high school transcript. Students must receive a grade of 73 percent or higher on their first GU course to enroll in subsequent courses. Students may also study for dual credit or concurrent / dual enrollment.

Dual Credit

Dual credit allows college courses taken at Global University to count toward high school credit. Students must submit written permission from their high school acknowledging they will accept GU courses for dual credit.

Concurrent / Dual Enrollment

Concurrent or dual enrollment allows a high school student to enroll in college-level courses while also being enrolled in high school coursework. Credits earned at Global University may or may not count toward a student’s high school diploma.

Transfer of Credit Into the AACM Degree

The AACM degree is designed to be offered as a whole program. Therefore, no transfer of credit from other GU programs or outside institutions may apply toward the completion of the AACM.

After completion of the AACM degree, students may wish to continue on to a bachelor of arts degree with Global University. At that time, the student should submit his or her transcripts for a degree audit for our registrar to determine how many credits earned at other institutions would transfer into a BA program. The credits of the completed AACM will transfer into a Global University bachelor of arts degree program.

Transfer of Global University Credit to Other Institutions

As an accredited institution, Global University undergraduate credits have been accepted into other programs at a number of institutions in the United States and elsewhere. It is the student’s responsibility to verify the applicability of Global University credits toward any educational goal he or she may have. A student who enrolls in a Global University course and intends to transfer credit to another institution must contact the receiving institution to verify the institution will accept the transfer credits.

Prior Learning Assessment and College-Level Examination Program

No credit for prior learning is accepted into the AACM program. Also, no credits from college-level examination program (CLEP) exams can transfer into this program.

Financial Aid

There are no discounts or scholarships available for the AACM (with the exception of US veterans benefits, as stated below). We recommend that parents, friends, or churches consider assisting with the educational costs of relatives, pastors, and church leaders.

US Veterans Benefits

Global University has been approved by the agency for US veterans benefits for the courses leading to an associate of arts, a bachelor of arts, a master of arts, a master of divinity, or a doctor of ministry degree. Tuition, materials, and shipping and handling are paid by the veteran upon enrollment. Reimbursement of qualified expenses is made through the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) following certification from Global University’s VA enrollment office. For more information, contact Global University’s VA enrollment office.

Policy on Incomplete Courses Funded by VA

If a student fails to complete a VA-funded course, a failing grade of 50 percent will be assigned to their course grade and will be calculated into the cumulative grade average appearing on the student’s transcript. Reporting this grade to the Veterans Affairs is required for VA students using GI Bill benefits.

Tuition and Course Materials


Tuition is $82.50 per credit. Additional course-specific fees may apply. This program is not eligible for discounts of any type. Payment is made directly through the online enrollment process at the time of enrollment. Courses are subject to a completion time limit; it is recommended that students take one course at a time.


Some courses may require textbooks not included in the learning management system (LMS). The student may secure them from a variety of sources.

Enrollment Periods

Courses are offered in a specific sequence that mirrors the licensed, certified, and ordained tracks for AG credentialing. Each course is eight weeks long. Every month a new course will be released, and the prior month’s course(s) will be repeated. In addition, an initial course of the KidMin Certificate will be offered on an open-enrollment basis. If a course remains incomplete on the expiration date, the course is considered incomplete, pending action of the course professor.

Time Limit for Completing a Course

The time limit for completing a typical SMD course is eight weeks from the start date of the course. This applies to all courses whether they are a 1, 2, or 3 credit hour course. Students are expected to complete their studies within this prescribed length of time. Courses not completed within the specified time limit are noted on the transcript as incomplete (INC). The course will show incomplete, pending action by the course professor. There are no course extensions. You may re-enroll at a later date at full price.

Withdrawal from a Course

The student may withdraw from a course within seven days of enrollment to receive a full refund. After the seven-day period, one may withdraw from a course by the end of the fourth week of the enrollment period to receive a withdrawal (WD). No refund will be issued.

Academic Good Standing

School for Ministry Development Course Grading Scale


Academic Performance

Students’ academic performance must demonstrate they are benefiting from their studies. They should incorporate and practice good study habits that will help ensure they master the learning objectives of each course. It is recommended that all students re-enroll in and pass previously failed courses before enrolling in new courses.

Students who have not submitted proof of a high school diploma or its equivalent may not enroll in more than 18 credits if their grade point average (GPA) is below 2.00. Students who are unable to consistently maintain a 2.00 minimum GPA may be withdrawn from the School for Ministry Development.

Course Examinations

Students must choose an exam supervisor to proctor the final examination. The exam supervisor must fill out the application ( and be approved by Global University before the student takes the exam. The requirements of an exam supervisor are as follows:


  • The exam supervisor must be 18 years old or older
  • The exam supervisor cannot be a relative of the student
  • The exam supervisor cannot be an active student at Global University (of the same educational level) or any other college / university
  • The exam supervisor must be able to monitor the student during the administration of the final exam
  • The exam supervisor cannot reside at the same address as the student

Global University reserves the right to disapprove any applicant.

The final examination must be arranged by you and your examining supervisor. The final exam is an objective test primarily comprised of multiple-choice questions. It is your responsibility to complete the final examination before the course expiration date. Proper planning is essential.

Independent Study

Students may study alone on a personally developed schedule, which minimizes disruption of their regular routines of ministry, employment, and family responsibilities. Global University courses are designed to meet the needs of independent-study students. An instructor is not required; however, an examining supervisor must administer the final examination. All courses will be delivered exclusively through the online LMS. At this time, online study is the sole mode of delivery of these courses and programs.

Completing Coursework

You should expect to spend 45 hours of total study time / coursework time per credit. This totals approximately 90 hours per two-credit course. (The actual amount of time spent in the course may be more or less depending upon previous education and experiences.) In general, you will read through a lesson, answer questions / do activities, take a self-test, and move on to the next lesson at your own pace. After completing a unit, you will take a unit progress examination to measure your mastery of the material. Most courses also require submission of a service-learning report and a proctored final examination. The requirements for each individual course can be found in the course syllabus. Most AACM courses are offered every month with scheduled start and stop dates. Some courses may be open for enrollment at any time.


A church, ecclesiastical body, or parachurch organization may provide optional group study for the purpose of enriching the student’s training for ministry through peer interaction and mentoring. Attendance at such a group study may not be required or factored into a course grade by Global University.