Apostle vs Disciple: What Are the Differences?

Do you know the difference between an apostle and a disciple in the Bible? To understand the differences, it is essential to look at the definition of both. An apostle is someone who was chosen by Jesus to spread the gospel, while a disciple is someone who follows Jesus and his teachings. 

Apostle vs. disciple is a subject that often causes confusion, but with a closer look at both terms, the differences become more evident. We’ll explore the details of both roles, as well as their similarities, to help you better understand the distinction between an apostle and a disciple.

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Defining Apostles and Disciples

An apostle, derived from the Greek word “apostolos,” means “one who is sent out.” In the Bible, an apostle is someone who is chosen by Jesus himself to spread the good news of the gospel. They are entrusted with the task of establishing and guiding the early Christian church. Apostles have a special authority and are considered the foundation of the church.

On the other hand, a disciple, derived from the Latin word “discipulus,” means “learner” or “follower.” In the context of the Bible, a disciple is someone who follows Jesus and his teachings. They are not specifically chosen by Jesus like the apostles, but rather, they voluntarily choose to follow him and learn from him. Disciples are eager to grow in their faith and imitate the actions and teachings of Jesus.


Role of Disciples in the Bible

The role of disciples in the Bible is essential to understanding the growth and spread of Christianity. Disciples were not just casual followers of Jesus but rather dedicated individuals who committed themselves to learning from and imitating him. Their role went beyond simply being students; they were actively involved in Jesus’ ministry and mission.

One of the main roles of disciples in the Bible was to witness the teachings and miracles of Jesus. They were there to experience firsthand the powerful teachings, the compassionate healings, and the transformative moments that defined Jesus’ ministry. By witnessing these events, they were able to gain a deep understanding of his message and purpose.

Disciples were also called to live out the teachings of Jesus in their daily lives. They were meant to imitate his character, embody his values, and exhibit his love and compassion towards others. By doing so, they became living examples of the transformative power of following Jesus.


Role of Apostles in the Bible

The role of apostles in the Bible is crucial to the establishment and growth of Christianity. As mentioned earlier, apostles are individuals chosen by Jesus himself to spread the good news of the gospel and guide the early Christian church. They hold a special authority and are considered the foundation of the church.

In addition to spreading the gospel, apostles were important in helping to create the early Christian community. They were responsible for teaching and instructing new believers, helping them understand the teachings of Jesus, and guiding them in their faith journey.

Apostles also performed miracles and acts of healing, demonstrating the power and presence of God. They were instrumental in establishing and organizing the church, appointing leaders, and resolving disputes within the community.

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