Two Ways to Study The New Testament at Global University

Are you interested in how to study the New Testament? The New Testament is vitally important to Christians as it depicts the teachings, life, and death of Jesus and the beginnings of Christianity.

At Global University, we offer two in-depth paths to studying the history and writings of the New Testament, and we’d like to share them with you in today’s blog post.

Why Study the New Testament?

The New Testament contains eyewitness accounts of the life and teachings of Jesus. To follow a Christ-led path, we need to familiarize ourselves with what Jesus did and taught while he was on Earth.

While the Old Testament is important as a means to understand God, His creation, and His commandments, the New Testament lays the foundation for Christianity through the account of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Graduate Studies Certificate: New Testament Studies

Global University offers a graduate certificate in New Testament Studies, which includes courses like Acts as History and Theology, Postgrado and Intermediate Greek, Pneumatology in Lucan Literature, and more.

Graduate studies certificates at Global University allow students to get a solid idea of what graduate program coursework is like before leaping into graduate school. All credits are eligible for transfer into the graduate program if the student wishes to pursue that path.

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Master of Arts in Biblical Studies: New Testament Concentration

If you decide to pursue a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies at Global University, one of your options is to focus on studying the New Testament.

Many of our graduate-level Biblical Studies students plan on preaching to others as pastors, chaplains, or missionaries. They need to know how to interpret Christ’s teachings at an advanced level. In this program, students learn Greek to interpret the New Testament in its original language.

Other courses include Foundations of Christian Leadership and Theology of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament.

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Study The New Testament at Global University

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