Evangelism Resources: Seek the Lost and Train the Found at Global University

Evangelism is at the heart of Christianity. At Global University, our mission is to “Seek the lost and train the found.”

We want to ensure everyone has the chance to welcome Christ into their hearts and experience the transformational love of God.

We’ve created valuable evangelism resources so you can train your flock, no matter what their age or position in life.

In today’s post, we’ll talk a little about the evangelism courses and materials available through Global University.

Evangelism Resources for Children

Global University offers Children’s Bible Curriculum spanning seven grade levels, Kindergarten through 6th. We focus on the six School of Evangelism and Discipleship course topic areas:

  • Spiritual Life
  • The Bible
  • Theology
  • The Church
  • Service
  • Christian Ethics

Each one-hour lesson plan is designed with the age group’s developmental abilities in mind, and each lesson includes visuals, activity suggestions, and memory verses. Our Children’s Bible Curriculum is a perfect fit for Sunday school, children’s church, homeschooling parents, and anyone looking to teach biblical truths in a fun and engaging way.

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Evangelism Resources for Adults

Global University’s evangelism resources are easy to follow and great for those who are brand-new to Christianity. Free courses include the following:

The Great Questions of Life: This course contains six lessons, with both video and written options. Each of the lessons centers on a question:

  • How can you know the truth?
  • What is the truth about God?
  • What is life all about?
  • What is my greatest need?
  • What happens after death?
  • What is the true church?

Highlights in the life of Christ: This six-lesson written course focuses on Jesus’ life, death, and ministry. For those unfamiliar with who Jesus is, this course will give a complete timeline of His life and teachings. The six lessons include:

  • Jesus–God’s Greatest Gift
  • Jesus-The Great Teacher
  • Jesus-Prophet and King
  • Jesus Teaches Forgiveness
  • Jesus Dies in Our Place
  • Jesus The Risen Lord

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Christian Life and Discipleship: The Next Steps

Global University wants to equip new Christians with the knowledge they need to serve the Lord, the church, and the world as disciples of Christ. For this reason, we also offer in-depth courses in Christian Life and Christian Service.

Christian Life: This eighteen-course program introduces students to the Christian way of life. It focuses on four core areas of Christian discipleship:

  • Devotional development
  • Doctrinal development
  • Character Development
  • Service development 

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Christian Service: This eighteen-course program teaches new Christians how to become involved in church ministry and spread the word of God. Areas of learning include the following:

  • Missions and evangelism
  • Spiritual development
  • Practical ministry skills
  • Biblical studies

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Evangelism and Discipleship at Global University

If you’re interested in helping “seek the lost and train the found,” you might be interested in enrolling with Global University! Our mission is to provide an accessible, accredited and affordable education to followers of Jesus. We offer self-paced distance learning so you can answer God’s calling any time, from anywhere. For more information about our degree programs, call us today at 1-800-443-1083 or contact us online.