Book of Acts Bible Study: Why the Book is Important to Your Religious Studies and Discipleship

For Christians, all the books of the Bible are important and relevant to putting God’s word into practice every day. However, the Book of Acts is key to understanding the history of Christianity and how the apostles put Jesus’ words into action. 

Explore the Book of Acts with Global University and learn why it’s essential to your religious studies and discipleship.

What is The Book of Acts About?

The Book of Acts, believed to be written by St. Luke the Evangelist, begins with an account of Christ’s ascension into heaven and the descent of the Holy Spirit on the apostles during Pentecost. This event is considered to be the birth of the church. 

Acts goes on to detail the actions and evangelism of the apostle Paul as he attempted to bring the gospel of Jesus to Gentiles across the world. 

Acts provides valuable information about how to form a church and disciple believers. Today, Acts is still a relevant guide for church leaders and founders in how to develop and grow their congregations and spiritual communities.

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Acts and Religious Studies

The book of Acts is vital to an understanding of the history and foundation of Christianity and the importance of evangelism in establishing it as the foremost religion in the world.

The book of Acts makes up a significant portion of the New Testament and serves as a crucial reference point for understanding Paul’s subsequent letters or Epistles.

Acts and Discipleship 

Acts is essential to discipleship because it illustrates a clear picture of how the earliest Christians lived out the lessons of Jesus in real life. It describes the persecution they experienced and how they faced every trial with prayer and guidance from God.

Christians today face new challenges, but the stories in Acts can serve as timeless guideposts for how to live a courageous life as you follow the path of Christ. 

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