Elevate your Ministry Calling With an Intercultural Studies Degree

Are you passionate about serving others and spreading the message of love and compassion? Do you have a heart for different cultures and communities? If so, then pursuing a degree in intercultural studies may be the perfect path for you to elevate your ministry calling. 

This dynamic and engaging field of study combines aspects of theology, anthropology, sociology, and linguistics to give individuals the knowledge and skills needed to serve in a diverse and globalized world. Global University explores the various career opportunities available to those with a bachelor’s degree in intercultural studies and how this degree can enhance your effectiveness in ministry.

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Career Opportunities within the Ministry

Are you wondering what career opportunities await you in the ministry with a bachelor’s degree in intercultural studies? This diverse and impactful field of study opens up a multitude of doors for those who have a heart for serving others and spreading the message of love and compassion.

  1. Cross-cultural missionary: As a graduate of intercultural studies, you can serve as a cross-cultural missionary, spreading the Gospel and serving communities around the world.
  2. Church planting strategist: With your knowledge of different cultures and communities, you can help strategize and facilitate the establishment of churches in unreached areas.
  3. Community development worker: Make a tangible impact by working with marginalized communities, addressing social justice issues, and empowering individuals to create positive change.
  4. Refugee and immigrant advocate: Use your understanding of diverse cultures to advocate for the rights and well-being of refugees and immigrants, providing support and assistance as they integrate into new communities.
  5. Global nonprofit coordinator: With your degree, you can work for international nonprofits, coordinating and implementing programs focusing on education, healthcare, and other areas of need.
  6. Intercultural consultant: Help organizations and businesses navigate cultural differences and improve intercultural communication, fostering understanding and collaboration in a globalized world.
  7. Language and cultural resource specialist: Utilize your linguistic and cultural expertise to develop resources, materials, and training that facilitate effective cross-cultural communication and understanding.


Required Skills and Abilities to Thrive in These Ministry Roles

To thrive in the ministry roles we mentioned, there are certain skills and abilities that can greatly benefit you. 

Intercultural Competence

First and foremost, a strong foundation in intercultural competence is essential. This includes being open-minded, adaptable, and respectful towards different cultures and communities. Understanding and appreciating cultural differences will allow you to effectively connect with and serve diverse populations.

Communication Skills

Being able to clearly and empathetically convey your message, whether it be in written or verbal form, is essential in ministry. This includes active listening, understanding nonverbal cues, and being sensitive to cultural nuances.

Flexibility and Problem Solving

In the ministry, you will often encounter unexpected challenges and situations that require quick thinking and creative solutions. Being able to adapt and find innovative ways to address these challenges will enhance your effectiveness in serving others.


A heart for service and compassion are fundamental traits in ministry roles. Having a genuine desire to help and uplift others, especially those who are marginalized or in need, will drive your passion and motivate you to make a lasting impact.

By honing these skills and abilities, you will be well-equipped to thrive in the ministry. Remember, the journey of intercultural studies is not just about knowledge but also about developing the character and skills needed to serve others with love and compassion.

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Bachelor’s Degree in Intercultural Studies at Global University

At Global University, we offer an intercultural studies program you can complete entirely online and at your own pace. Contact Global University today for admissions information.