Elevate Your Knowledge and Leadership with Graduate Studies Certificates from Global University

Are you looking for your next great opportunity? A graduate certificate might just be it. In today’s blog, Global University explains how a graduate studies certificate can elevate your knowledge and improve your professional leadership skills.

Expand Your Professional Knowledge 

By understanding more about a particular field of study or niche, you can be better equipped to succeed and make strides in your profession of choice. More knowledge can lead to greater opportunities. 

Change Careers or Job Roles

Are you interested in a career change, or perhaps even a change in your job duties? Graduate certificates help you make that transition without taking on too much debt or stress. Enrolling for a graduate certificate in education, for example, could help in your transition away from ministerial work and into an education-based role. 

Certificates Take Less Time and Money

Unlike 2 years of study-intensive graduate school, a certificate is far cheaper and doesn’t take as long to complete. Global University offers affordable and accredited graduate certificates for in-person and distance-learning students. 

Getting more education doesn’t have to interfere with your work. We offer an at-your-own-pace learning experience to fit your schedule.

Certificates Offer Additional Credentialing

Getting an additional certificate alongside your bachelor’s degree can help you get a leg-up in your field, whether it’s learning in-demand leadership skills, understanding foreign cultures or preparing for a new role as an educator or chaplain, Global University has you covered. 

Here are just a few of our options:

Certificate of Intercultural Studies

In today’s diverse world, you’ll encounter people from different cultures and faiths. We equip you with knowledge on how missionaries share the word of God with others, and how you can do the same. 

Certificate of Education

Serving as an educator doesn’t require another bachelor’s degree, or even a master’s degree. Opt for our graduate certificate in education and learn how to best navigate the role of a teacher, including common teaching strategies and curriculum design. 

Certificate of Leadership

Improving your ability to lead others can elevate you in your chosen field. Learn the key traits of good leaders, how to manage conflict, build powerful relationships and understand the ins-and-outs of Christian organizations. 

Certificate of Chaplaincy

The role of a chaplain involves quite a bit of counseling in the midst of what are often considered emotionally turbulent times. This certificate prepares you for chaplaincy ministry and managing conflict. 

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