Graduate Studies Certificate in Chaplaincy


Earn a discipline-specific graduate certificate in Chaplaincy from Global University.

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Why a Graduate Certificate?

Discipline-specific graduate studies certificate programs allow students who have earned an accredited Bachelor of Arts or higher degree to complete graduate-level studies in a discipline that will qualify them for academic or professional activities that require proficiency in Christian education.

Course Listing

Graduate Studies Certificate in Chaplaincy: 18 Credits

CHP 5813 Directed Readings and Research
CHP 6013 An Introduction to Chaplaincy Ministry*
CHP 6913 Chaplaincy Practicum: Ministries
LDR 5043 Conflict Management
MIN 5263 Marriage and Family Counseling
MIS 6023 Strategies for Cross-Cultural Ministry

*CHP 6013 An Introduction to Chaplaincy Ministry, may be taken by any individual without being fully admitted to the Graduate School of Theology. To enroll in this course, you must first create a GU student account and submit the graduate application (the bio essay, recommendations, and official transcripts are not required).