Two More Weeks – Never Stop Learning Scholarship

Two MORE weeks of our Never Stop Learning scholarship!


In June, we encouraged our students to “Never Stop Learning” with the introduction of a brand-new seasonal scholarship offer. You made it very clear you were listening, as daily we see increasing enrollments in courses at this $195 per course rate. Due to high demand, we have decided to extend this offer for two additional weeks (Ending 8/31)! We urge those of you who have yet to take advantage to do so before the offer ends. We truly are blessed to be able to give our students this opportunity, and we hope to see communities and lives changed as a result.


How to enroll:


1. Create or log in to your account at

2. Click the menu icon at the top left and select “Undergraduate School.”

3. Select a course, and confirm delivery format.

4. Complete your application.

5. Check out! The “Never Stop Learning Scholarship” is applied automatically.




Contact us directly at:


(417) 862-9533


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