What is Bible College and Is It Worth Attending?

Having a college degree is beneficial for your career path, whether you intend on working in ministry, a trade, or some other professional environment.  As you’re looking for the right school to attend, you might be considering Bible college. 


You may even be asking yourself, “Is Bible college worth attending?” 


In today’s blog, Global University provides some answers to these questions. 


What Is a Bible College?

Bible colleges prepare students for careers across a wide variety of industries, although the primary focus centers around preparing students for a career in Christian ministry. 


Is Bible College Worth Attending? 

It depends. If you feel called to go into ministry and serve in that capacity, then yes. If you’re unsure, think it over, and pray about how you may best serve the Lord. After all, you don’t need a degree in ministry to serve God. 


Attending Bible college is beneficial for any believer, not just those wishing to become pastors.


Christian College vs. Bible College: Which Should I Choose?

Christian colleges and Bible colleges are pretty much the same. Bible colleges focus more on studying the Scripture in-depth, whereas Christian colleges provide a college education in a Christian atmosphere without the same level of emphasis on Biblical studies. 


Choosing between the two depends on your personal preference and future goals. Additionally, Bible colleges don’t just restrict students to studying ministry. Many offer other interdisciplinary subjects like education, business administration, and communications, to name a few. 


At Global University, however, we do focus on rigorously preparing students for a vocation in Christian ministry after graduating. We offer three academic tracks for our undergraduates: Christian Education, Intercultural Studies, and Bible and Theology. 


There are many benefits to attending a Christian Bible college, whether you do it in-person or online. 


Bible Colleges Can Be Affordable Education Options 

Bible colleges offer great low-cost options for full-time pastors who want to audit a class to the benefit of their ministry. 


But even for full-time students, undergraduates, and graduates, Global University maintains great affordability through sponsorships and programs that don’t involve federal loans. 


Many students graduate with little to no debt. 


Develop a Biblical Worldview

Bible colleges help students develop a biblical worldview by giving them the resources they need to connect the dots between Scripture and their personal lives. It also allows students to thoroughly immerse themselves in the study of God’s Word. 


Make Lifelong Christian Friends and Colleagues

You meet people at Bible college, even when it’s a web-based distance learning platform. Global University alumni don’t have to feel alone in their ministry. A network of supportive and like-minded individuals is an email or phone call away. 


Bible College Offers Spiritual Value 

Although enrolling in a Bible college and obtaining a theology degree isn’t God’s will for everyone, the education is often invaluable to any Christian who is sincere about studying the Word of God or taking on a vocation as a minister in a church.


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