How to Write a Mission Trip Support Letter

Mission trips are an amazing way to express your faith, broaden your horizons, and serve underprivileged communities, locally and internationally. However, raising the necessary financial support for your mission trip can be an intimidating and humbling process.


There are a few key tips you will need to know in order to write a successful mission letter.


In today’s blog,  Global University will cover tips on how to write a mission trip support letter.


Best Tips for Writing a Mission Trip Support Letter

First and foremost, pray over it. Ask God for intuitive, spiritual guidance. You’ll also want to research which people the mission letter should be sent to.


More often than not, it’s sent to friends and family. Sometimes it’s mailed to people you don’t know, as well.


Start your letter using the recipient’s names; don’t just list a generic introduction like “to whom it may concern.”



Explain the Purpose behind Your Mission Trip

The effects of your mission trip should outlive the few weeks or months you spend serving a community. You should take something meaningful away from your experience.


What do you intend to gain from it? Express that. Explain why you feel called to undergo this trip and what you hope to accomplish — as well as how your service will specifically benefit the community.


Your list of reasons could be rooted in the material, like applying academic service ideas into the community, or the spiritual. Perhaps you wish to develop a closer relationship with the Holy Spirit. 

List the reasons that accurately and honestly describe your intentions:


  • Deepen your discipleship or faith
  • Express a skill, talent, or knowledge acquired in school
  • Learn more about God’s love

Give Your Missions Letter Context, Details, and Structure

Who? What? Why? These are three questions you need to explain succinctly and clearly. Make the most of headings, subheadings, bullet points, and paragraph breaks to make your letter easier to read.


Fill in important details without writing to “sell” anything. Consider this a way to inform others of God’s calling for you to serve in missions. You can answer key questions like the following:


  • “How did you choose to get involved in this mission?”
  • “Why are you going?”
  • “Who are you going with?”

Make the Letter Unique and Fun

Although there’s nothing wrong with typing up a letter with Sans Serif and Times New Roman font, it’s certainly not going to stand out.


Be creative, but keep the letter brief (around 1 page in length). And don’t overdo the colors; use colors and colored fonts sparingly and appropriately.


You don’t want your letter to get pitched into a trash bin or a pile of junk mail. For someone to read it, the letter has to be engaging. You can try adding a photo of yourself or a map of the location you plan to serve in the letter.


Start with a strong introduction to grab your reader’s attention. It could be a value statement, a quote, or some interesting piece of information that relates to your trip.



Ask for Assistance

Be direct and upfront with how much money you will need and a deadline or time frame. Explain the ways in which your potential donors can give support, whether it’s prayer-based or financial.


Details are important. You’ll need to provide every important detail to ensure each potential donor who reads the letter is convinced enough to help support your mission.


Lastly, keep meticulous records of your response cards regarding any donations you may receive. A good gesture is to write a follow-up letter to each donor, thanking them and reporting your mission trip’s success; this can include what you learned and how it impacted others.



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