Five Great Benefits of Global University Web-Based Courses

Global University’s mission is to prepare you for ministerial life in the Pentecostal tradition of the Assemblies of God Church. We’re a worldwide distance learning pioneer that integrates education and service in 150 countries. Today’s blog explains the five major benefits of taking Global University web-based courses.

1. Flexibility

We offer a flexible schedule and learning environment through Global University web-based courses. Do you work full-time and have a family? Take our web-based classes at night. Do you enjoy studying at home or the corner cafe? Learn anywhere with your laptop and an internet connection. You don’t have to commute to class or live near campus for easy access to your coursework.

2. Lower Costs

Online learning with Global University doesn’t require the expenses of a commute or room and board! The only cost for a quality education is your application fee, tuition, and course materials.

3. Wide Range of Topics and Specialties 

Global University offers many specialties and courses on a wide range of topics. Take a class just to further your knowledge, earn a diploma, or elevate your ministry with a master’s degree or doctorate. Reach as high as you want, whether you just need to know a little more about the Bible or you desire to become a church leader. Learn about Scripture, biblical languages, the history of our faith, intercultural studies, how to minister to people, and so much more with our web-based courses.

4. Self-Discipline

Studying online takes self-discipline and time management to complete each course. Can you focus on your studies? Do you have a strategy for setting aside a few hours per week to understand the concepts being taught? Global University web-based courses teach you how to motivate yourself to reach a goal, whether you want to earn a diploma, associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or doctorate from us.  

5. Enhancing Your Ministry

God calls us to a personal relationship with Him. As such, each person’s ministry is unique. Global University web-based courses enhance your ministry by giving you the knowledge you need to succeed. God put a mission on your heart. We can help you accomplish that mission.

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