GU Policy Change and Commencement Update

Global University Updated Requirements For Active Student

In a dual effort to both keep our students engaged and to ensure consistent records of current active students, the requirements to maintain a GU active status have been simplified.

-Undergraduate and graduate students must enroll in at least one course per calendar year (January–December) to maintain active status.

-It is recommended that all students enroll in at least one course per six months.

Again, it is our hope that this enrollment schedule will help students better pace their studies and provide encouragement to stay the course in reaching their educational goals.


Global University Commencement Update

We at Global University are committed to your safety and well-being, but we are also committed to a meaningful recognition of your hard work and accomplishments. We have considered the current situation, the projected long-term impacts, and the goal to provide a high-quality event. As a result, Global University has made the decision to stream a virtual commencement ceremony in lieu of a physical event.

This year’s GU Commencement will be made available October 23, 2020 at 3:00PM CST at the link below:


Commencement Video