Prison Ministry: Reaching Out to the Forgotten

Prison Ministry: Reaching out to the Forgotten

As you can tell by reading this blog or visiting our website, Global University has a strong presence overseas. The majority of our mission projects to date have been dedicated to bringing the gospel of Christ and the knowledge of the Word to those in countries outside the United States.

Now, we are once again turning to the US. We have started a brand-new mission project focused on ministering to those who are so often neglected with the soul-saving message of the church: those in prison.

Last year, more than 1.5 million people were incarcerated in American federal and state prisons (source: Bureau of Justice). That is an enormous number. Modern society dismisses prisoners and ex-convicts as unreachable and beyond hope. A prison sentence is often seen as the end of the road, both socially and spiritually.

We disagree.

Prison Ministry is dedicated to providing a quality theological education to prisoners. The name is inspired by the Genesis 39 account of Joseph’s incarceration, where he chooses to serve and be a useful servant of God even though he is in prison. When he leaves, he becomes an influential leader and helps to save two entire people groups.

GU currently has over 3,500 active students who are incarcerated, studying English, Spanish, Chinese, and French. Global University mails 1,800 of our Christian Life and Christian Service courses (SED level) to these prisoners monthly. We’ve had 400 prisoners graduate from the CL/CS program and just over 5,000 written decisions for Christ recorded in the past eight years. We have directly impacted more than 20,000 individual prisoners with our Prison Ministries program.

Using the Global University curriculum, the Prison Ministry makes it unprecedentedly possible to reach and train prisoners in the Word of God. Our goal is to have at least 10,000 prisoners studying with us.

How does it work?

This is how the project will work. Global University offers a range of studies for prisoners—from the basic Christian discipleship level to the degree level and even to the doctoral level if they choose. The Prison Ministry project will utilize a correspondence-delivery system. Their studies are fully accredited, just like other Global University programs.

Pray for those who have found Christ but still struggle to live as He asks us to as His followers. Most of all, please pray for the prisoners who have not heard God’s redeeming message and can be reached by PRISON MINISTRY material. Reaching prisoners is a direct instruction of Jesus, who was once a prisoner, as were all twelve apostles. Prisoners ARE reachable!

Do you have someone in your life who could benefit from PRISON MINISTRY? Do you know a prisoner who has accepted Christ and been radically transformed, as only Jesus can do? Let us know! Please send an e-mail to or connect with us on Facebook or Instagram. We want to hear about how OUR STORY is a part of YOUR STORY!