Four Fun and Unique Ways to Learn the Bible

The Bible is a fascinating and complex book, and trying to decide where and how to start studying it can feel overwhelming. Have you grown tired of traditional study methods? Do you wonder how to make learning the Bible more exciting, or how to apply what you learn to grow your relationship with God and Scripture?

Global University has four fun and unique ideas to help you study the bible and put its lessons into action. 

Bible Journaling

One of the most important aspects of learning the Bible is contemplating the meaning of each verse and how it applies to your life. Bible journaling can help you dig deeper into each verse and reflect on what it means for you, your community, and the world. 

Choose a way to journal that is appealing and engaging for you. Invest in a beautiful Bible made for journaling with wide margins for notes. Use colored pencils or pens to make your notes. Or select a nice journal in which to record your thoughts as you studythis method would give you even more room to brainstorm and add an artistic touch

Topical Study

Learning the Bible doesn’t have to be a linear process. It’s great to organize your learning in different ways–for example, choosing a topic to study and gathering different scripture that applies. 

This is especially helpful if you are going through a hardship or milestone in your life and you wish to receive spiritual guidance specific to that situation.  

Create Art

One method for studying the Bible you may never have considered is creating scripture-inspired art. If you are a visual learner and feel connected to God when creating art, this method may add another dimension to your study and prayer. 

Find a verse that is meaningful to you, and then draw, doodle, paint, sculpt, sing or otherwise create art that expresses your thoughts and feelings about it. You may also find you want to pray while you create the art–the whole process can become a unique, personalized prayer. 

SOAP Method

The SOAP method is a unique process for studying and reflecting on scripture, and it can be done in a group or on your own. To get started, follow the steps of the SOAP acronym:

Scripture: Choose a scripture you’d like to study.

Observation: What are your initial thoughts on the passage? Write them down, or share them with your group.

Application: How does this apply to your life? To the world in general? Journal or share with your group.  

Prayer: Enter into prayer and ask God to guide you to a deeper understanding of this scripture.

Learn the Bible at Global University

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