6 Reasons Why You Need a Study Group at Global University

A study group at Global University helps you with your studies as you enhance your ministry and formalize God’s calling in your life. Study groups are sponsored by a local church that has Global University students enrolled in classes, and a church member offers to facilitate the group. Today’s blog explains six reasons why you need a study group at Global University.

1. Connect With Other Students

Correspondence learning means you rarely attend classes with other people. If you find a study group at Global University through a local church, you can connect with other people who also attend. Connecting with others gives you a sense of community and encouragement as you engage with people in the same situation as you.

2. Gain New Ideas

Study groups at Global University allow you to exchange ideas with others as you talk to your peers. New ideas can inspire you to become a better minister of God as you reach out to find the lost and train the found. 

3. Understand Your Subjects Better

Different students can provide different perspectives on a subject, which leads to a better understanding of the material. For example, some of your peers might be taking the same intercultural studies course as you; together, your group can build a stronger understanding of the subject material. Global University study groups are like small tutoring groups.

4. Combat Procrastination

Sometimes you may feel like putting off studying, assignments, or checking in with your facilitator. Attending a study group at Global University helps hold you accountable and keeps you on task. When you keep up with assignments, you get better grades.

5. Get Better Grades

As you get new ideas, complete assignments, and understand subjects more thoroughly, you achieve better grades in your classes. Earning better grades has a cascade effect: Advanced courses may become easier when you gain more understanding as you move through your degree program.

6. Sharpen Your Ministry Skills

When you learn the ministerial styles of your peers, you sharpen your own ministry skills. Study groups at Global University offer diverse opinions and a facilitator to keep your group talking about important points you learn during your coursework. Your peers could inspire you to have new and creative ideas to expand your ministry!

Study Groups at Global University

Do you have more questions about study groups at Global University? Do you need to find a study group or want to start one at your local church? Reach out to Global University today, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.