Church Volunteer Service Certificate

Church Volunteer Service Certificate

This certificate program provides basic training for church volunteers serving in the local church. The program is ideal for volunteers, second-tier leadership (i.e. deacons), or for personal enrichment. Upon the completion of the Church Volunteer Service Certificate, students should have a basic understanding of the Bible and God, and a passion for serving others in the local church.

Church volunteer at an outdoor food market among a crowd of people


Graduates who have previously earned a diploma through Berean School of the Bible are not eligible to enroll in the Church Volunteer Service Certificate program. If an actively enrolled student should want to withdraw from another BSB diploma program in order to enroll in the Church Volunteer Service Certificate, that student should contact Global University’s US Student Services.

List of Courses


  • BIB115 Acts: The Holy Spirit at Work in Believers
  • BIB121 Introduction to Hermeneutics: How to Interpret the Bible
  • BIB212 New Testament Survey
  • BIB214 Old Testament Survey
  • BIB318 Pentateuch


  • MIN123 The Local Church in Evangelism
  • MIN181 Relationships and Ethics in Ministry
  • MIN251 Effective Leadership
  • MIN261 Introduction to Assemblies of God Missions


  • THE114 Introduction to Pentecostal Doctrine 
  • THE245 Eschatology: A Study of Things to Come 
  • THE311 Prayer and Worship