Berean School of the Bible

Continuing Education

Continuing education through Global University’s Berean School of the Bible doesn’t lead to formal college credits, but it does prepare you for leadership roles in the Assemblies of God organization, including ordained ministership.

Ministerial Studies

The Ministerial Studies Diploma is the first step in the process of earning the title of certified, licensed, or ordained minister. By completing level one, two, or three in the program, you can make a difference in the lives of your flock by working toward the next step to become a minister in the Church.

Ministerial Studies with Leadership Honors

A Ministerial Studies with Leadership Honors Diploma challenges you to be the best possible leader in your church. This program emphasizes the valuable influence of experienced ministry mentoring, personal discipleship and development, evangelism, and the fruitfulness of discipling others.

Bible and Doctrine

Jesus calls upon us to share the Gospel of His ministry. A Bible and Doctrine diploma develops your skills for teaching Sunday school as a layperson in the Assemblies of God Church. This program is ideal for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of God’s Holy Word.

Momentum Training Diploma​

Global University enhances your leadership as a layperson in the Assemblies of God Church with a Momentum Training Diploma from Berean School of the Bible.

Royal Rangers Organizational Leaders Diploma

The Royal Rangers National Office, in cooperation with Global University’s Berean School of the Bible, offers Royal Rangers’ Organizational Leadership Training. This training program is available to all Royal Ranger leaders involved in leadership roles above the local church level.

Church Volunteer Service Certificate

This certificate program provides basic training for church volunteers serving in the local church. The program is ideal for volunteers, second-tier leadership (i.e. deacons), or for personal enrichment. 

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