Children's Evangelism and Discipleship Materials

Children's Evangelism and Discipleship Materials

Children's Bible Curriculum shares the fundamentals of faith from a Spirit-filled perspective. Children at every age level have the opportunity to hear the Gospel message and grow in their faith.

Seven Grade Levels

With Children’s Bible Curriculum, children explore the six School for Evangelism and Discipleship course topic areas: Spiritual Life, The Bible, Theology, The Church, Service, and Christian Ethics. The curriculum’s appealing lesson plans and innovative activities are tuned to children’s unique developmental needs and abilities. Teachers appreciate how easy Children’s Bible Curriculum is to use. Instructor Guides offer approximate 1-hour lesson plans complete with visuals, activity suggestions, and memory verses for every lesson. Student Workbooks are filled with fun-to-do pencil pages that capture the interest of children while helping them retain Bible truths. Choose Children’s Bible Curriculum for Sunday school, children’s church, Christian schools, homeschoolers, anywhere you want children in your church to build a foundation in their faith.


Bible lessons feature a variety of activities: drama, coloring, cutting, word plays, group games, matching pictures, memory verses, and more. Instructor Guides and Student Workbooks are available.

GOD’S CREATION takes children through the 7 days of creation.

GOD’S LOVE shares God’s love, protection, ability to hear prayers, and desire to have a personal relationship with His children.

GOD’S HELP introduces how God helps children pray, obey, share, learn, and more.

Grade 1

Boys and girls enjoy the obstacle course, imaginary journey, shadow play, taste tests, paper curling, drama, and other interesting activities.

WHO GOD IS shows God’s plan for salvation and helps children get to know their heavenly Father.

THE BIBLE: AN EXCITING BOOK explores God’s Book through objects: a tower, a burning bush, a sling, and others.

JESUS GIVES NEW LIFE shares about Jesus’ life, His presence in children’s lives, and His future role.

Grade 2

Draws children in the Word with hands-on activities, including Bible markers, maze, creative drama, clay, maps, sandbox, family scrapbook, gift chain, and more.

THE CHURCH foundational look at baptism, communion, teaching about God, and other functions of the church.

SHARING GOD’S LOVE encourages students to show love through sharing, forgiving, giving, witnessing, and other ways.

THE FAMILY shares God’s design for children’s earthly and spiritual families.

Grade 3

Nurtures mid-elementary children with map activity, prayer chart, craft project, worry box, memory contest, poster, object lesson, bean bag game, and several other activities. 

DEVOTIONAL LIFE encourages prayer, worship, Bible reading, and other facets of personal devotions.

MARK’S GOSPEL, BIBLE SKILLS offers an overview of Bible books and focuses on Jesus’ parables, miracles, final days, and other highlights in Mark’s Gospel.

THE HOLY SPIRIT introduces the many ways the Holy Spirit ministers in the lives of believers.

Grade 4

Creative activities include life-size tic-tac-toe, sword drill, memory-with-motion, time lines, Bible maps, guided self-application, and more. 

GOD’S PEOPLE provides an Old and New Testament study of God’s chosen people, the early church, and believers today.

MY WITNESS introduces individuals with bold witnesses throughout Scriptures and encourages students to share their faith.

MY QUESTIONS explores why people die, how God answers prayer, and other questions Christians ask.

Grade 5

With murals, flag-and-tag ball, memory motions, pantomime, group discussion, visual review, prayer journal, and more, these lessons hold the interest of boys and girls.

GOD’S PLAN FOR ME begins with salvation and explores being filled with the Spirit, joy, knowing God’s will, and other disciple-building topics.

EPHESIANS, AN EPISTLE includes a brief New Testament survey and highlights thanksgiving and prayer, the body of Christ, children and parents, and other topics.

LAST THINGS provides a supernatural study that examines heaven, angels, spiritual warfare and armor, and end-time events.

Grade 6

Builds interest in the truths of Scripture with activities that stimulate: Collage, role play, Scripture search, memory verse relay, outside source, photo memories, time-line, and more.

THE CHURCH: ORIGIN & DESTINY explores the early church, from its beginning, through persecution and expansion, to its final role in the last days.

MINISTRY & MISSIONS shares the salvation message and encourages personal ministry.

A LIFE OF FAITH examines holiness, repentance, healing, miracles, and other topics.

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The School for Evangelism and Discipleship helps you bring more people into the fold of Jesus’s love. Programs are easy-to-follow and are designed for people who want an introduction to all of God’s blessings through His Bible.

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