Graduate School of Theology

Postgraduate degrees from Global University prepare you for leadership roles in the church or in an educational institution. Advanced degrees expand your knowledge beyond a four-year degree.

Master of Arts

Two Master of Arts degrees are available from Global University. Our master’s program is designed to prepare qualified students for a high level of service and proficiency in present and future ministry activities.

Master of Divinity

A Master of Divinity degree features two programs, one for Biblical Language and Theology and another for Christian Ministry (English Language) to serve in almost any capacity as a church leader or educational leader.

Doctor of Ministry

Students who graduate with a Doctor of Ministry degree apply their expertise gained from academia and research to everyday life experiences and daily ministry work. Doctoral candidates also have the highest levels of academic scholarship in their chosen fields.

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Earn Master of Arts degrees, either in Biblical Studies or Ministerial Studies, from Global University to advance your church or ministry leadership career.