Doctor of Ministry: Biblical Studies and Theology Specialization

Biblical Studies and Theology Specialization

Reach new heights in your academic and Christian-centered career with a Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Studies and Theology from Global University.

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A Doctor of Ministry prepares you to lead research projects, teach in seminaries, write for scholarly publications and organizations in multiple countries and cultures, and author textbooks and other scholarly and ministry-related publications.

Course Listing

Doctor of Ministry Degree—Biblical Studies and Theology Specialization: 63 credits

Core Courses: 21 credits

BIB 6293 Hermeneutics
MIS 6043 History of the Expansion of Christianity
MIS 5013 The Biblical Theology of Missions
MIN 5013 Preaching to Change Lives3   
MIN 6233 Ministerial Ethics3   
MIN 6503 Relationships for a Lifetime of Ministry3   
MIN 6513 Spiritual Formation 3   

Required Courses: 21 credits

Three New Testament Elective Courses9   
Recommended courses: Greek courses; BNT 6303 The Gospels; BNT 5183 Acts as History and Theology; BNT 6503 Romans
Two Old Testament Elective Courses6   
Recommended courses: BOT 5143 Isaiah: Major Themes; BOT 6233 The Pentateuch: Critical Issues
One Theology Elective Course3   
Recommended course: THE 5013 Trends in International Theology
One General Elective Course3   
Any division elective course

Plan-Specific Courses: 12 credits

RES 7813 Specialized Reading and Reseach
RES 7823 Specialized Reading and Research
Any two Biblical Studies courses (6000 level or higher: BIB, BNT, BOT, THE)

Doctoral Dissertation Project: 9 credits

RES 8953 Dissertation Research and Proposal
RES 8966 Dissertation from Idea to Bound Volume