Degree in Christian Education: Exciting Career Paths

If you’ve decided to pursue a degree in Christian education, you’ve chosen a versatile degree that will allow you to share the gospel in different settings and with people of various ages and backgrounds.

At Global University, we offer graduate and undergraduate Christian education programs through self-paced distance learning. In today’s post, we’ll share a few exciting career paths for both program levels.

Primary or Secondary School Teacher

A bachelor’s degree in Christian education will prepare you for roles at private Christian schools at the primary or secondary level (K-12). You’ll be involved in creating a Bible-based curriculum and guiding students through both their academic journey and their relationship with Jesus.

Seminary Professor

With a graduate degree in Christian education, you can teach at the college level. Seminary professors develop coursework, conduct research, and serve as mentors to young adults on their way to becoming pastors and church leaders.

You can teach fascinating classes like theology, hermeneutics, or Bible history.

Youth Director

Do you love working with teens? A bachelor’s or master’s degree in this area of study would make you an excellent fit for a youth director position at a church or other Christian organization. Youth directors develop a curriculum and plan activities and mission trips to help give youth a biblical foundation for life.

Overseas Educator

If you have a passion for traveling, you can use your degree to provide Christian education in other countries. Nations such as India and China have large populations that do not practice Christianity, and you can play a role in bringing them to Christ.

Non-profit Administrator

According to Cause IQ, there are more than 126,976 Christian organizations in just the United States alone. With your degree, you can help these organizations address societal issues like homelessness, addiction, poverty, and violence — all while educating people about the Gospel.

Christian Education at Global University

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