Diploma or Degree? We Define Several Global University Programs

Global University programs elevate and formalize your ministry. We offer correspondence learning in a wide range of programs and specializations. In today’s blog from Global University, we define several of our programs if you’re seeking a diploma or degree.


The diploma programs at Global University ensure you are ready for the future, preparing you to do good work in your career, faith, and community. A Diploma of Ministry provides practical training to prepare you to teach the Word of God. A Diploma in Bible and Theology gets you ready for practical Christian service.


Certificate programs are not designed to lead to a degree, but rather to enrich learners’ lives with skills in biblical interpretation, communication, mission work, and general studies. A certificate furthers your education by giving you more knowledge in a particular subject area rather than an entire degree. Certificates in a Global University program are for undergraduate or graduate learners.

Títulos de Asociado Universitario

Associate of arts degrees are two-year programs that develop you to serve in a variety of capacities in Christian education, including education and church ministry. Associate of arts degrees offer more advanced training compared to diplomas, yet don’t have the intense coursework required for a bachelor’s degree.

Títulos de Licenciatura

Part of Global University’s program includes earning your first bachelor’s, a second bachelor’s, or a three-year degree. Bachelor of arts degrees are designed to prepare you for a Christian-based educational setting, church ministry work, and a professional life in the church.

Postgraduate Degrees

Postgraduate degrees, including master’s degrees and a doctor of ministry, prepare you for leadership roles in the church. You’ll preach, minister to those in need, teach the next generation of students, or head up ministry programs in a foreign country. People in the church will look to you for guidance, leadership, and inspiration as they carry out God’s purpose for their lives. 

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Are you thinking about earning a diploma, certificate, or degree through a Global University program? The one you decide on may depend on the level of knowledge you want. A diploma gives you basic knowledge on a subject, while the more advanced a degree gets, the more specific knowledge you get on a particular subject. Need more information? Start your experience with Global University today!