Featuring Some of Our Assemblies of God Colleges in Foreign Countries

Global University’s mission is to seek the lost and train the found as part of the Assemblies of God. We want to spread the gospel of Jesus to as many people as we can. As such, our church sponsors colleges all around the world. Global University showcases some of these institutions in today’s blog post.  

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International Chinese Bible College

Global University partners with the Assemblies of God World Missions to sponsor International Chinese Bible College. The ultimate goal is to train pastors to reach Chinese speakers for Christ because very limited Christian discipleship resources exist in China today. International Chinese Bible College utilizes 54 courses, including Christian Living, Christian Discipleship, and ministerial training through Berean School of the Bible. Donating $54 provides all of the course materials.

India College of Ministry

Global University partners with All-India Assemblies of God to maintain the India College of Ministry. We provide a three-year Bible school program in 10 indigenous languages. Jesus preached to us to spread the word to everyone around the world. To maximize access, we offer printed books, online courses, and Android tablets for students to learn. A donation of $100 can train one minister. 

European School of Ministry

The European School of Ministry is making great progress. In 2018, the number of church plants increased from 12 to 22. Meanwhile, 250 African students were studying across Europe using French language materials. Your donations can help these students achieve God’s plan for their lives as we help immigrant church planters across Europe.

Arab World Bible College

The Middle East has an enormous need for the gospel. Arab World Bible College serves Arab-speaking communities with all levels of resources. Your donation can help distribute print or digital materials to students.

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Donate to the Missions Work of Global University

You can help Global University by giving to our missions work. Even just $1 can help provide students with course materials. Reach out to Global University today, and we’ll be happy to talk to you about our missions work!