Five Ways to Enhance Your Ministry With a Global University Education

God calls us to a personal relationship with Him. That’s why each person’s ministry is unique. Global University’s correspondence learning and web-based courses give you the knowledge and tools you need to help your ministry grow. In today’s blog, we explain five ways to enhance your ministry with a Global University education.


1. Learn About Other Cultures


Part of preparing you for a worldly mission is growing your awareness of other cultures. Intercultural studies courses as part of your Global University education explain how to communicate with people from different cultures. The Holy Spirit, on the Day of Pentecost, allowed Jesus’ disciples to speak in tongues so they could minister to the masses. We follow in that tradition by teaching you insights into other cultures as you spread the Gospel.


2. Discover Biblical Truths


Bible study courses dive deep into Scripture. Although the Gospels tell us the foundation of Jesus’ ministry, Old and New Testament books highlight how God’s glory appears to other heroes of the faith. Take language courses that give you a greater understanding of Biblical text so you can understand the root meanings of terms and phrases in Scripture. A Global University education is designed to focus your ministry on what you want to accomplish, whether it’s teaching Sunday school, founding a church overseas, or anything in between.


3. Find Out How to Minister to Others


Ministering to others is what Jesus calls us to do. The mission of Global University is to win the lost and train the found, with the overall goal of growing the body of Jesus’ church. Our Global University education teaches you how to minister to people who haven’t found Jesus, and then help people become good stewards of God’s gifts once they learn of Jesus’ mission. The School of Evangelism and Discipleship trains you to minister to individuals and the masses. 


4. Lead a Church or Missions Group


Jesus is the head of the church as a whole. Churches and missionary groups need leaders, too, who can guide their flocks into a closer relationship with Him. Church leaders come in many forms, including Sunday school teachers, youth group leaders, worship leaders, pastors, and ministers. Missionaries need special leaders with wisdom and skill in cross-cultural communication to plant churches, spread the Gospel, and minister to the lost around the world. 


Enhance your innate leadership skills with a Global University education that focuses your abilities towards becoming someone that church members can turn to when they need guidance. Consider an advanced degree through the Graduate School of Theology if your mission includes a major leadership role.


5. Inspire the Next Generation


Do you feel led to inspire the next generation by teaching them about God’s glory? Our Christian education degrees can prepare you to teach Sunday school, but also to teach in private schools and colleges. A Global University education does NOT certify you as a teacher. However, you may qualify to teach certain courses or programs depending on the school’s standards for teachers. Christian education is more than just a formal setting. If you feel led to teach anyone about God’s Word, our courses can help.

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