Gain Four Vital Ministry Skills Through Global University’s Intercultural Studies Courses

Global University prepares you for life as a minister of God’s Word. Whether you want to expand your own understanding of the Bible, teach Sunday school, lead a worship service, or start a church overseas, we can help you achieve the mission God put on your heart. Today’s blog showcases four vital ministry skills you obtain through Global University’s intercultural studies courses.

1. Cross-Cultural Communication

Language barriers are just one obstacle you must overcome in a foreign country. You must also understand the culture in which you’re living and interacting. Our intercultural studies classes teach you how culture and communication relate to each other as you present Christ to people in a different culture than your own. One overall goal is to make you a more effective communicator of the Gospel.

2. Mission Strategies

Mission strategies are often two-fold: Educating redeemed people who have accepted Christ as their Savior about how to fulfill His mission for their lives, and leading the lost to an understanding and acceptance of Christ’s salvation. Global University’s intercultural studies courses let you tap into the real-life experiences of missionaries for the church, as well as the Assemblies of God’s overall missions movement.

3. Cross-Cultural Counseling

As a missionary in a foreign country, it’s your responsibility to counsel others in the Gospel and follow the example of Jesus. Our intercultural studies courses help you understand personal and cultural context so you can meet people where they are and gain their trust. In more advanced practice, you may be engaged in marriage counseling for couples in need of spiritual guidance. 

4. Church Leadership

Perhaps the biggest commitment you can make in an overseas mission is starting a church. Combine intercultural studies courses at Global University with leadership and management classes to understand how to lead a church in a foreign country effectively. Church leadership lets you expand your ministry from one-on-one relationships to speaking in front of groups of people.

Intercultural Studies at Global University

Global University and the Assemblies of God Church believe in the Pentecostal tradition. This means spreading the word of Jesus by any means placed upon us by the Holy Spirit. Traditionally, Pentecost was when God blessed the disciples with speaking in foreign languages so they could counsel people in any land. Our intercultural studies courses continue that tradition in modern times. Comuníquese con Global University or call toll-free 1-800-443-1083 for more information.