Should You Learn a Foreign Language for Your Ministry? Global University Explains

You’re eager to start your ministerial work. We understand. You wouldn’t be reading this blog if you weren’t ready to begin the journey God has set for you. When you’re in the middle of focusing on your studies, it’s important not to neglect how you will communicate the gospel to others in a global setting. Global University answers the common question, “Should I learn a foreign language for my ministry?” 

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The Native Language Helps You Earn Trust

Yes, learning a foreign language definitely helps your ministry, particularly if God calls you to go to a foreign country.

Imagine walking up to someone in a foreign country as you get ready to talk to them about the gospel. The other person knows you’re not from around here by the way you look, dress, or act. Then you speak, and the person smiles because you speak their native language fluently and without a problem. Learning, knowing, and understanding a foreign language puts others at ease and helps you earn their trust. Plus, you’ll have knowledge from Global University’s intercultural studies curriculum to assist you.

Jesus Calls Us to Spread the Gospel to Everyone

During Jesus’s ministry, He called on his disciples to find others and bring them closer to God. One way to do that is to speak someone else’s language. If you feel called to serve in a foreign language, you’ll need skills and knowledge to know how to communicate with your own disciples. Learning a foreign language brings a greater understanding of local customs, religions, and culture in your area. Knowing a language becomes extremely important when you discuss what the local religions and beliefs are like. You’ll also be able to bridge the gap between local customs and the gospel of Jesus.

Ensure Clear Communication

How can you minister to your flock if you can’t speak with them? Clear and empathetic communication represents a critical component of your ministerial work and intercultural studies. Learning and understanding a foreign language gives you a strong base from which to enhance your ministry and the lives of those you minister to when you’re in another country. 

Easy Ways to Learn a Foreign Language

Pray first. Always pray before you learn. God will lead you in the right direction.

Be patient. We know you’re eager to start your ministry, but a second language may help.

Use audio and visual tools. Languages have two main parts: audio and visual. You have to speak and hear the language as well as read and write it. Listen to audio tools, such as CDs, audio clips, and YouTube videos. Read books showing the written language.

Immerse yourself. Visiting or moving to another country offers many challenges but great rewards. Immersing yourself in another culture allows you to learn and get a feel for the language on a very personal level.

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