Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance Options

Global University accepts private scholarships, tuition assistance programs, vocational rehabilitation, and VA benefits. Students may also research private loans or scholarships for further funding.

To enable students to end their program with little or no debt, Global University students pay for courses as they enroll. Students are not required to pay for an entire program or an entire semester of courses at once. In addition, students may enroll in one course at a time, as long as they remain active in their program. A student must enroll in at least one course each calendar year (January-December) in order to maintain an active status.

The Assemblies of God Credit Union (AGCU) offers Ministry Loan to Global University students.

Global University is pleased to partner with the Assemblies of God Credit Union (AGCU) to assist students with financial options. AGCU has set up an easy application process for a Ministry Loan up to $3,000 with a term up to sixty months. The loan is subject to credit approval.

This service was created to offer a financial help option to students. Now Global University students will have the option to pursue financial help for their ministerial education at any of their educational levels. For Berean School of the Bible students, this loan should pay the entire cost for all three levels at the Ministerial Studies Program. The Ministry Loan can also provide much needed help to those students pursuing undergraduate degrees with the Undergraduate School of Bible and Theology and Graduate degrees with the Graduate School of Theology.

Students enrolling in a Global University school through a District School of Ministry or a church-based study group are also eligible for this financial aid.

All applications must be sent to AGCU. Find out details by clicking on the link here.

United States Veterans Benefits

Global University has been approved by the agency for United States veterans benefits. This approval is for the independent-study courses leading to an associate of arts degree, a bachelor of arts degree, a master of arts degree, or a master of divinity degree. Tuition, materials, and shipping and handling are paid by the veteran upon enrollment. Reimbursement of qualified expenses is made through the Veterans Administration (VA) following certification from Global University’s VA enrollment office. Veterans who are interested in this tuition assistance should request information from Global University’s VA enrollment office in Springfield, Missouri.

Policy on Incomplete Courses Funded by VA

The time limit to complete a degree-level course is six months. If a student does not complete a course within six months, the student may request an additional six months to complete the course (see “Time Limit for Completing a Course” in the section titled “Course Guidelines and Requirements”). Should a student fail to complete a VA-funded course, a failing grade of 50 percent will be assigned to the student’s course grade. This grade will be calculated into the cumulative grade point average that appears on the student’s transcript. Reporting this grade to the Veterans Administration is required for VA students using GI Bill benefits.

Global University students are now approved to apply for the John E. Kirschner Education Fund Scholarship. This scholarship fund is external to and distinct from Global University and students apply directly to the John E. Kirschner Fund selection committee. This scholarship is for students who desire to study on either the undergraduate or graduate level for the ministry or for full-time service in the field of Christian education, Christian social work, or a related field.

Berean School of the Bible students are NOT eligible for this scholarship.

Students interested in applying for this scholarship should download and print the application. Completed application packets should be mailed directly to the name and address listed at the top of the first page of the application.

Global University students have the opportunity to apply for the CM CARES Religious Scholars Program award. This scholarship is external to and distinct from Global University and students can apply directly on the Church Mutual Insurance Company Foundation website. This scholarship is designed to aid in supporting those in full-time ministry who are pursuing a graduate-level degree.

  • Applicant must be pursuing a graduate-level degree.
  • Applicant must be involved in fulltime ministry in a paid staff/leadership position within a church as the student’s primary source of income.
  • International students are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Students interested in applying for this scholarship can visit and complete the online application. The deadline to apply is Wednesday, April 8, 2022 at 3:00pm CT.

At GVD Renovations we are aware of the hard efforts that students go through the academic year. Also, we know how hard it is for students to find a job for covering their costs (tuition + living expenses) due to major university requirements. Therefore, to help students, we are awarding a $1,000 scholarship to one student to support his/her education.

To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must be full-time students currently accepted to or enrolled at an American two- or four- year college or university with a cumulative GPA of 3.0. Students must submit a 2,000-word essay on the following topics:

  • How does house remodeling boost real estate value?
  • How does a home remodeling project benefit American families?

The deadline is September 3rd of each calendar year (recurring scholarship). For more information visit their website:

Global University is classified as “correspondence education” by the U.S. Department of Education. As such GU is not eligible to participate in federal funding programs such as Title IV. Global University is therefore not an “eligible educational institution” as defined by the IRS. Our students are not eligible for the tax credits some students can receive through the federal government’s student loan program.

Since Global University is not eligible to participate in federal funding, GU does not have a FAFSA number.

Courses/credits taken through Global University cannot be used to defer payment on previous student loans.

If a student is endeavoring to receive credit for the American Opportunity Tax Credit or for Lifetime Learning credit purposes, please note that qualified educational expenses are “tuition and fees required for the enrollment or attendance of taxpayer, his spouse, or tax dependent, at a post-secondary educational institution eligible to participate in the federal student loan program.” Global University does not fit the IRS definition of an “eligible educational institution.” The student should consult with his or her tax advisor.

Global University’s accreditation is not affected in any manner by our classification as “correspondence education.” Information regarding GU’s accreditation can be viewed here.