Global University’s Correspondence Learning Christian Theology Courses

Global University encourages you to enhance your ministry through our correspondence learning courses. Christian theology forms the basis for many courses as you seek a diploma or degree. Today’s blog from Global University takes a look at some of our correspondence learning Christian theology courses.

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What Is Christian Theology?

Christian theology means what we believe and practice as Christians. As members of the Assemblies of God, we believe that the Bible is the authoritative text for human faith and conduct, that Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are unified. When Jesus died on the cross, He saved all of humankind. We achieve this salvation through repentance toward God and faith in Jesus. We also try to follow the example of the life of Jesus. 

At Global University, we teach you about these beliefs and practices to develop a deeper understanding and connection with God through our correspondence learning model. This deeper understanding lets you minister to others as you fulfill God’s purpose in your life. Our Christian theology courses are diverse, from introductory studies to courses with a deeper focus on one book in the Bible. 

Our Course Offerings

We offer various levels of education in Bible and theology, including an associate of arts degree and a bachelor of arts degree. Our diploma and certificate give you a basic understanding of Christian theology courses, while the more advanced degrees dive deeper into what it means to believe in Christian teachings through the Assemblies of God. With our correspondence learning courses, you have the freedom to learn at your own pace and in your own time.

What You’ll Learn at Global University

Our course catalog gives you an idea of the undergraduate Christian theology courses you can take at Global University.

THE 1013 Pneumatology

Pneumatology is the study of the Holy Spirit. This Christian theology course examines what it means to be baptized in the Holy Spirit, how to live a Spirit-filled life, and how to apply these teachings to your ministry. THE 1013 is the introductory course for all Bible and theology students.

THE 1032/3 God and Angels

This Christian theology course about God and angels highlights why biblical theology includes everyone in God’s plan and how an unbeliever redeems him- or herself by accepting God’s plan of salvation. You’ll also learn more about the power, nature, and activity of angels.

THE 1042/3 Man and Sin

We delve into the heart of the origin and nature of humankind as well as the problem of sin and its effects. This Christian theology course emphasizes biblical interpretation of sin from an evangelical perspective.

These three courses give you basic knowledge of Christian theology, particularly for a diploma or certificate program. More advanced courses discuss prayer, the biblical basis for the church, salvation, the end times, faith and doubt, confession of sins, and Old Testament beliefs written before the coming of Christ.

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Correspondence Learning Christian Theology Courses

Do you have more questions about what you can learn through Christian theology courses at Global University? There’s so much to gain during a course of study with us! Reach out to Global University today, and we’ll happily answer your questions!