Topics for Global University’s Study Group Discussions

College is the first time that many students must confront real-life problems with unprecedented intimacy. They may have discussed issues of culture and world events in high school, but these discussions are primarily limited to the field of philosophy. University changes everything.

Relationships become more diverse, experiences become more extensive, and opportunities increase. And because the world of university students is expanding rapidly, it can be overwhelming to know which topics to discuss. There are not enough opportunities to talk about all the things worth thinking about from a biblical perspective.

It can be useful to consider that some more isolated themes tend to have a more prominent theme behind them. In other words, students may ask questions on specific topics, but the real problems are much more significant. If this is the case, then university ministries can find some freedom in thinking about these “macro topics.” If students understand these “macro topics” correctly, then they can judge accurately the “micro themes” in each one.

Here are four examples of some great general themes that can inform others and aid in scriptural understanding:

The Reliability of the Bible

Our belief in the Bible is a cascading belief. In other words, it tells us everything else about faith. Once you make a firm decision about the reliability of God’s Word, everything else will be built on that foundation. Once you are sure that the Bible is true, then you can know who God is, and who you are. You can learn how to make decisions, understand your purpose, and everything else.

Human Nature

Human nature encompasses many things, such as human sexuality, racism, how we treat the elderly and the unborn, and a multitude of others. Once we firmly establish who we are and the purpose for which we were created, we can use it as the basis for answering all these questions. In addition, when we learn about humanity’s fall into sin and our fundamental sinful nature, we can better understand why problems exist and how to address them.

The Centrality of the Gospel

If we establish the validity of the Bible and the essence of human nature, then we can think deeply about the central message of the Bible and the only hope of humanity. This topic is not only about the initial introduction of the gospel but about helping students realize that the gospel is indeed the central story of the Bible. By spending time on this topic, we train our minds to think about the influence of the gospel in all areas of life, no matter how small.

The Daily Nature of the Will of God

All Christian college students long to know God’s will, and understanding His will for them can help inform their plans and decisions for the future. Seeking God’s will means pursuing a closer relationship with Him, growing in maturity and character, and understanding His purpose for our lives. This can help students answer significant life questions, like what career to pursue, what relationships to develop, and what direction their lives should take.

These are undoubtedly essential questions, but students need a broader understanding of God’s will, not easy answers to these questions. They must understand that God has revealed his universal will to all of us through his words, and they must know that if we act under his universal will every day, we will eventually find our way to his specific will.

These are not the only valuable topics to discuss with students, but will set them in the path to finding answers and enable them to think through difficult questions with a biblical perspective.

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