Should I Learn a Second Language as Part of My Intercultural Studies?

Improve Critical Thinking Skills

Learning a foreign language takes time and dedication but has many rewards. It improves critical thinking skills, memory, listening skills, and the ability to multi-task. It also keeps your brain healthy and enhances academic performance. Language learning not only helps develop cognitive skills but also encourages learning about other cultures. In an increasingly interconnected world, taking the chance to broaden your knowledge and perspective is more important than ever.

Understand Other Cultures

Learning a foreign language is a lifetime investment. It allows you to enter the context of other cultures, genuinely understand their needs and communicate effectively, and fully appreciate our world. All of these things mean that language learning is a vital tool for students who plan to pursue missions work, evangelism, or any form of ministry. Whether serving in a ministry capacity or in any other field, learning a foreign language can provide incredible career opportunities.

As an organization that supports evangelism and widespread mission work, Global University places a strong emphasis on the importance of learning a second language. Global University offers courses, programs, and resources in many languages in order to help students on their language-learning journey.

Foreign Language Classes from Global University

If you are interested in learning a second language independently or as part of your faith studies, Contact Global University or call toll-free 1-800-443-1083 for more information.