How to Become a Missionary in Your Community

If you desire to share the Gospel with others but don’t see yourself traveling overseas to do it, that’s okay. There is a need for the Gospel right here at home. You don’t have to go far to find people who are struggling in their life and who are in need of hearing the Word of God. Global University has some great ways to become a missionary in your community.


Share Your Skills

What are you good at? Are you an excellent seamstress? Can you fix just about anything? Are you technology savvy? Do you love to build things with your hands? Think about what skills you have and how they could be useful to others while also glorifying God. Sometimes God can use us in someone’s life in an unexpected way.

If you know someone with a need that you can meet, find out how you can help them. By fixing their air conditioner that has been on the fritz for weeks, you are allowing God’s love for them to shine through you. 


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Volunteering for local community organizations, like food pantries, homeless shelters, or retirement homes, allows you to connect with people you might not have encountered otherwise. This is also a great way to invite people to your church for learning and fellowship.

Jesus met people where they were and was a servant to others, and this is an excellent example of how we should live our lives. Go and meet those in need right where they are, and show them love. 


Get Involved in Church Outreaches

If you struggle with finding service opportunities on your own, see what kind of local outreaches your church is getting involved in. Churches are always finding ways to improve the community through clothing, food, or supply drives, supporting local schools, or providing assistance to local organizations.

By serving others and displaying the love of God, we open up opportunities to share the Gospel with those who need to hear it. Our actions speak much louder than our words, and if our actions reflect the Scripture, that will say more to the lost than our words ever will.


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Missions Training at Global University

At Global University, we offer degrees in ministry and missions. Expand your knowledge and build your confidence to share the gospel overseas or right here at home. Contact Global University today for admissions information.