The Ultimate Guide For Becoming an Ordained Assemblies of God Minister

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Ordained Assemblies of God Minister 


Table of Contents:


What Is an Ordained Minister?

An ordained minister is the highest level of calling within the Assemblies of God. This level is for those who have had a mature level of ministry before ordination and are permanent members of the clergy. Ordained ministers may perform baptisms, legal marriages, funerals, and other church sacraments. 

An ordained minister has been acknowledged by a community of believers to be called to ministry. He or she has committed to advancing the cause of Christ and His Word. 

One may think of a minister as simply the person giving the Sunday morning sermon. However, this role includes much more. Assemblies of God ministers serve as leaders for their congregations, including planning and delivering sermons, managing human resource functions, and handling church finances, among other aspects of service. 


Three Levels of Ministry

The Assemblies of God offers three levels of ministry to those called to leadership. These levels are progressive, as you must complete one before moving on to the next. 


Certified Minister

A certified minister is the lowest level of ministry within the Assemblies of God. These individuals have shown a promise of usefulness for gospel work and will devote themselves to full- or part-time Christian ministry. However, they are to remain under the supervision of the pastor, ministry coach, or mentor. 


Licensed Minister

A licensed minister may perform worship ceremonies and provide pastoral care to the church; however, specifications will vary between denominations. A licensed minister will display clear evidence of a divine call, practical ministry experience, and a commitment to serve the proclamation of the gospel. 


Ordained Minister

An ordained minister is the highest level of ministry within the Assemblies of God. Ordained ministers may perform all responsibilities of certified and licensed ministers, perform baptisms, officiate wedding ceremonies, and conduct funeral ceremonies. 


How to Become an Ordained Minister in the Assemblies of God 


Ordination Overview

To become an ordained minister, you must have already been credentialed as a licensed minister. Ministerial credentials are issued by the General Council of the Assemblies of God. Global University does not provide ministerial credentials but, rather, provides academic training to prepare those called for ordination. There are three areas of qualification that must be met to become an ordained minister:

  • Basic qualifications: qualifications you must meet regardless of ministerial level
  • Education requirements: each level of ministerial certification has a different set of education requirements set by the General Presbyter.
  • Ordination requirements: requirements specific to becoming an ordained minister


The applicant’s district council will examine candidates who qualify for ordained ministers. This council may then forward the application to the general secretary of the General Council of the Assemblies of God for presentation to the General Council Credentials Committee. If the qualifications listed below are satisfied, this committee may review and issue ministerial credentials. 

To request ordination, applicants should contact the district council office in their area for information on how to apply for credentials in that district. 


Basic Qualifications

All individuals looking for ministerial recognition must complete the following basic requirements outlined in the Assemblies of God Constitution and Bylaws:

  • Salvation
    • You must have experienced the new birth and have testimony of it (John 3:5).
  • Baptism in the Holy Spirit
    • You must have been baptized in the Holy Spirit and have had physical evidence of speaking in other tongues, according to Acts 2:4. 
  • Evidence of call
    • You must have experienced a clear call to ministry, which has been witnessed by fellow ministers. 
  • Christian character
    • As referenced in Titus 1:7 and 1 Timothy 3:7, you must be living a blameless Christian life and have a good reputation among those who are not Christians. 
  • Doctrinal position
    • You will need to have a thorough understanding of and agree with the Assemblies of God doctrinal position as contained in the Statement of Fundamental Truths.
  • Assemblies of God polity
    • You must have a working knowledge of the principles, practices, and purposes of the Fellowship through a study of the General Council and district council Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Voluntary cooperation and commitment to the Fellowship
    • Finally, you must have an active loyalty to the Assemblies of God constitutional agreements, a cooperative spirit, and a readiness to seek and receive the counsel of mature Christians and those in positions of authority.


Ordination Qualifications

The Assemblies of God outlines some specific qualifications and promotes following the guidelines outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1–7 and Titus 1:7–9.

To apply for ordination, applicants must:

  • Be twenty-three years of age or older.
  • Complete the prescribed application form.
  • Show evidence of divine calling.
  • Have held a ministry license and been actively engaged in ministry for at least two consecutive years immediately prior to application.
  • Be residents of or hold credentials in the district where they apply and appear before its credentials committee.


Educational Requirements

No specific level of academic achievement is required for credentials.  However, the district credentials committee will interview all applicants. In preparation for the interview, applicants must pass a standard exam approved by the General Presbytery. In this test, they must demonstrate knowledge of the Bible, Assemblies of God doctrines, and ministerial practices. 


Additionally, applicants must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Complete courses prescribed by the General Presbytery or pass the final examinations in the prescribed courses
  2. Complete equivalent training to the above requirement—preferably, in an endorsed Assemblies of God postsecondary school, seminary, college, Bible college, or school approved by the district credentials committee
  3. Be recommended by a district credentials committee as qualifying for credentials through self-study and ministerial experience


Qualification Exceptions

The General Council Credentials Committee may waive the requirements for an applicant who has held a ministry license for two consecutive years or is a member of the district where he or she is seeking certification if requested by the district credential committee. 

The initial standard exam provided by the district credentials committee may be waived if an exception is granted by the General Council Credentials Committee or permitted by General Presbytery policy. 


Educational Paths Offered by Global University

Global University fulfills the requirement for credentialing education within the Assemblies of God. After completing one of the below options, individuals will be fully prepared to apply for the appropriate level of certification. 


Berean School of the Bible 

The Berean School of the Bible is designed to train pastors, missionaries, and church leaders in preparation for more advanced ministry. This program will educate students in the Word of God, equip students for ministry, expose students to ministry opportunities, and encourage students to be completely surrendered to Jesus Christ. 

Although the Berean School of the Bible does not provide formal college credits, this program is designed to prepare students for leadership roles within the Assemblies of God. This program covers the requirements for ordination. Upon completion, students will have met the minimum academic requirements to apply for ordination with the General Council of the Assemblies of God in the United States. 

The Berean School of the Bible provides the most cost-effective pathway to ordination. Students who wish to become ordained must complete three levels of education in this program. Upon completion, they will have mastered several difficult books of the Bible, will understand advanced theological concepts, and will have become adept in administrative skills required for ministerial roles. 

Additionally, for students who are looking to serve their church through mentoring; personal discipleship; and the development, evangelism, and discipling of others, the Berean Ministerial Studies with Leadership Honors program is the perfect path. 

Furthermore, this program requires students to participate in 45 hours of mentoring with a qualified mentor. Students will receive hands-on experience by leading someone through a discipleship training course. He or she will participate in service-learning requirements and write a level three capstone paper. 

Students who enroll in this diploma program will find a qualified mentor, invest time in a mentoring relationship, and complete additional requirements related to personal development and ministry. In total, students who complete this program will have forty-five mentoring hours and will have completed three capstone projects.


Is this path right for you?

The Berean School of the Bible is perfect for students who are looking for a cost-effective pathway to ordination. While this pathway will not be as comprehensive as others, this program will fully equip those called to serve their church.

Students will have extensive experience both in being mentored and mentoring others. This program is designed to fully equip students to take an active role in leading the church.

The Ministerial Studies diploma in the Berean School of the Bible is the first step to becoming an ordained minister. The Berean School of the Bible – Ministerial Studies with Leadership Honors Diploma is designed for students who are looking for hands-on experience in church leadership while attaining educational qualifications for ordination. 

If you are interested in beginning your journey with Global University, apply now!


Associate of Arts in Church Ministries

For students looking for the educational requirements for ordination as well as to receive an associate’s degree, the associate of arts in church ministries is the perfect path. 

This degree focuses on training and educational background in ministry, the Bible, and theology, all to prepare students for effective ministry. Further, this program is optimized to help fulfill the educational requirements for certification and licensing within the Assemblies of God. However, students should always consult with their district or network leadership for full requirements. 

Upon completion of this degree, students will be able to demonstrate proficiency in Bible study methodology and fundamental biblical and theological principles. This degree program equips students with the skills they need for sermon preparation, management of interpersonal conflicts, a standard of ethical conduct, and servant-oriented spiritual authority.

Additionally, this degree teaches a practical knowledge of the Old and New Testaments, as well as theological principles and doctrines that serve as the foundation of the Pentecostal Christian faith. 

Finally, students will be able to demonstrate proficiency in pastoral leadership functions, such as ecclesial responsibilities, preaching, administration, and chairing meetings. 

This degree can be a 100 percent web-based degree, allowing anyone, anytime, anywhere to receive ministerial training. This program is eight weeks long and allows students to study when and how they need to. 


Is this path right for you?

The associate of arts in church ministries is designed for students who would like to receive the educational preparation for ordination within the Assemblies of God while also receiving an associate’s degree. 

This path has fully web-based options and can allow students with an unconventional schedule to follow their calling. In addition, we are committed to affordable pricing. Our goal is for you to graduate with no student debt. 

This degree consists of 60 credit hours and consists of level 100–200 coursework, objective exams, service learning requirements, and an internship opportunity. 

The AA degree may be ideal for advancing your career, gaining credibility, or going on for further education. Alternatively, you may decide the AA fulfills your goals and no further formal education is needed or desired.

Students who graduate with this degree will be fully prepared for ordination within the Assemblies of God and will have the tools and education needed to effectively lead the church. 

If you are interested in beginning your journey with Global University, apply now!


Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology

Global University also offers bachelor’s-level educational opportunities that fully prepare students for ordination. The bachelor of arts in Bible and theology builds a strong foundation of biblical and theological knowledge while also preparing students for practical ministry and Spirit-empowered service in the church.

This degree prepares students to:

  • Properly interpret the Bible.
  • Demonstrate working knowledge of the history and application of Christian theology.
  • Preach and teach the gospel in a local cultural setting.
  • Conduct programs in their local churches.
  • Pursue advanced academic studies.

Additionally, this degree program offers options for receiving a second bachelor’s degree and a three-year bachelor’s program for international students who have gone through a qualified educational program outside the United States.


Is this path right for you?

The bachelor of arts in Bible and theology is designed for students who would like to receive the educational preparation for ordination within the Assemblies of God while also receiving a bachelor’s degree. 

This degree consists of 120 credit hours and level 100–400 course work, objective exams, service learning requirements, and writing assignments such as research papers. 

Students who graduate with this degree will be fully prepared for ordination within the Assemblies of God and will have the tools and education they need to effectively lead the church. 

If you are interested in beginning your journey with Global University, apply now!


The Credentialing Process

The first step to applying for ministerial credentials in the Assemblies of God is to contact the district council office in your area for information on how to apply for credentials within that district. The Assemblies of God church directory provides contact information for the district council offices. Contacting your district office will help provide you with the exact ordination requirements for your district. 


The Credentialing Process Step by Step:

  1. Basic Requirements. Ensure you meet the above-stated basic requirements for ordination.
  2. Educational Requirements. Be aware of the educational requirements in your district. If you have any questions or need to evaluate courses you have previously taken, contact the credentials administrator in your district. 
  3. Request an Application. Once you have completed the above requirements, contact the credentials administrator for an upgrade application, as these are sent to those advancing to ordination from a licensed minister status. 
  4. Complete the Application. When you receive your application, carefully follow the checklist and instructions. Be sure you include all photocopies, transcript(s), a picture, and any application fees required. The application cannot be processed if any element of the application is missing. Once you have compiled all of the required information, return the application to the credentials administrator.
  5. Proctored Exam. Applicants must pass a proctored examination for ordination. You will be notified when the credential exam has been sent to your sectional presbyter. Upon completion of this exam, the presbyter will send your exam to the credentials administrator’s office for grading. 
  6. Formal Interview. Once the application file is completed, including any application information as well as your completed exam, it will be sent to your sectional presbyter for a formal interview. You will be notified to contact the presbyter for an interview appointment with the sectional leadership committee. Note, that your spouse or fiance is required to attend this interview. 
  7. Wait for Approval. The recommendations of the interviewing committee will be submitted to the Executive Presbytery. If district approval is granted, the application file will be sent to the General Council with the recommendations of the district. Ministerial credentials are not actively or legally in place until General Council approval has been received. 
  8. Receive Your Fellowship Card and Certificate. Once approved, you will receive a fellowship card and certificate. Sometimes these certificates are sent to your district office for issuing. New ministers are publicly recognized at the next district council after receiving their credentials. 


Getting Started

Global University is here to help you follow your calling to ministry. If you have any questions about the credentialing process or the educational requirements, please reach out

Our goal is to prepare students to lead and serve their local church and Christian community through evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training. 

If you are called to ordination and would like information on any of our above educational programs, please email us at, call us at (417) 862-9533, or fill out our contact form

If you are ready to apply to one of the above-listed programs, you can either apply online or print and mail your application. 

We are so excited to be a part of your spiritual journey and help you minister wherever the Lord is calling you.