These Graduate Certificates from Global University Will Jumpstart Your Career in Ministry

Have you completed your undergraduate degree and are curious about what graduate school can offer? Enrolling in a graduate certificate program at Global University is a great way to see what graduate courses are like! 

Global University states that the purpose of graduate studies certificate programs is to:

“(1) help them grow personally, professionally, and spiritually and equip them to become more effective leaders in their home, church and society; and (2) equip them for further academic pursuits and various ministries and leadership positions of the church and society.”

In today’s blog, we’ll share why you should consider enrolling in a graduate studies certificate program and which specific certificate programs are available from Global University. 

Why Consider a Graduate Certificate Program?

Applying for graduate school is an important decision. Depending on the career path you’re interested in, a master’s degree may or may not be needed. 

A graduate certificate program is a way to explore the area of study you are interested in without taking the full leap into grad school. 

At Global University, all courses required for graduate studies certificate programs are also available as a part of graduate degree programs and share the same academic requirements. So if you decide you love a particular area of study and want to pursue it further, you can easily transition from a certificate into a graduate degree program. 

Graduate Certificates Offered at Global University

Global University offers five graduate certificate programs:

New Testament Studies: The New Testament is the foundation of Christianity. Take a deep dive into the Gospels, the history and theology of Acts, and start learning Greek, the language of the New Testament.

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Education: The world needs more Christian educators to serve in our schools! Learn about Bible School Administration, Curriculum Design, and Educational Psychology. 

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Intercultural Studies: Interested in sharing the Gospel around the world to diverse groups of people? Fascinating course topics include Biblical Theology of Missions, the Expansion of Christianity, and Cultural Anthropology. 

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Leadership: Serve with professional excellence as a leader in your church or missionary group. Courses include Foundations for Christian Leadership, Conflict Management, and Leadership Research.

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Chaplaincy: Bring the Gospel to those who need it most. Courses include Directed Readings and Research, Marriage and Family Counseling, and Strategies for Cross-Cultural Ministry.

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Graduate Studies at Global University

Global University’s mission is to provide accessible, accredited, and affordable education to followers of Jesus. We offer our graduate certificate programs through self-paced distance learning, so you can answer God’s calling any time, from anywhere. For more information about our degree programs, call us today at 1-800-443-1083 or contact us online.