9 Reasons to Pursue a Doctorate of Ministry Degree

An advanced, accredited degree in theology can set you apart and deepen your knowledge of the Bible. But given the time investment required, you might be wondering if it’s the right decision for you


Pursuing a doctor of ministry degree in one of two emphasis areas can be an incredibly fruitful endeavor, both intellectually and spiritually. 


In today’s post, we give you the best reasons to consider getting a doctorate of ministry at Global University.


1. Find a Real-World Application 

Unlike a PhD, which is largely theoretical and research based, a doctorate in ministry degree (DMin) provides you with some real-world application. 

At Global University, there are two tracks to the doctoral program: Biblical Studies and Theology and Church Ministries


2. Broaden Your Career Opportunities 

In a saturated academic market, it’s nearly impossible to get a position as a professor without a PhD or a commensurate doctorate-level degree. Accomplishing this gives you an advantage when applying for an academic role. 


An added layer of credentials gives way to greater opportunities in management for a variety of professional roles. 

  • Missionary 
  • Minister 
  • Professor of theology 
  • Social worker 
  • Journalist
  • Counselor
  • Organizational manager 


3. Defend Your Beliefs

In any post-graduate program at Global University, you’ll be required to form arguments and think critically on scriptural issues. That means being able to defend your faith through well-crafted written and verbal argumentation.  


4. Advance Your Biblical Knowledge 

Your studies go beyond a surface-level interpretation and understanding. You’ll understand the texts and their original source. By the end of the program, you’ll be immersed in a newfound depth of scriptural understanding and stand as a scholarly authority on the subject matter.


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5. It Serves as a Testimony to God 

The act of dedicating years to the study of God’s Word is noteworthy and allows you the opportunity to enhance God’s reputation through deep critical thinking and grounded interpretation of revelation, contributing to the body of thought on biblical scholarship. 


6. Deepen Your Discipleship with the Lord 

By deepening your knowledge and understanding, you’ll have a greater appreciation for the Bible and its teachings. Engaging in a long-term, in-depth study of the Bible is a rich journey in and of itself. 


7. Obtain Increased Credibility 

If you’re planning on writing, leading, speaking, and teaching on subjects related to or about the Bible, earning an advanced degree provides you with a great deal of credibility and authority.


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8. Garner a Professional Network 

You’ll make life long connections and allies on your journey as a follower of Christ. These connections come in handy when you wish to apply for jobs or seek new opportunities after graduation. 


9. Advance Your Leadership Skills 

The skills you develop during your experience in our graduate program enable you to lead your church more effectively. Take your communication, listening, and homiletic skills to the next level.


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