How Our Ministerial Studies Pupils Reach Those Who Need Help the Most

The Ministerial Studies program at Global University can help you to formalize your education when you feel drawn to helping others live a Christ-filled life. Your ministry may be one-on-one as a counselor or tutor, or you may feel drawn to mass communication via teaching at a private school or leading a church. No matter your calling, you want to help those in need.

In today’s blog from Global University, we talk about how our Ministerial Studies pupils reach those who need help the most.

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The Assemblies of God sponsors International Chinese Bible College to reach a large population that doesn’t yet know Christ. The Chinese government officially recognizes five major religions practiced in the country—Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism, and Protestantism—and states that there are 44 million Christians in China. That number represents just three percent of the total population of 1.398 billion. 

As in many countries where Christianity is not the primary religion, the life of believers can be challenging. But there are also many opportunities that Ministerial Studies pupils have to help our Chinese brothers and sisters follow Christ, and to reach those who do not know Him!


India has a population of 1.366 billion people, but only 32 million people, or just two percent of the population, follow Christ. Even though India is the world’s largest democracy, 80 percent of the population follows Hindu beliefs and traditions, while 14 percent are Muslims.

God has put a challenge in our hearts to minister to the people of India. The Assemblies of God sponsors the India College of Ministry for people living in the subcontinent. Christians in India face social stigmas associated with not following Hinduism, and continue to be persecuted. Even so, Christ is reaching the lost in India and the church is growing.

Middle East

Arab World Bible College is the newest major missions project of Global University and the Assemblies of God. This project started in August of 2018, and it aims to minister to people in 16 Arabic-speaking countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. Our goal is to train and disciple 45,000 believers in six years.

There are no Christians in Saudi Arabia, and Christians make up only five percent of the population of the Arab-speaking world. There are so many in desperate need of the hope and joy of faith in Christ.


Ministering to prisoners offers a relevant example of how Ministerial Studies work follows the example of Christ’s forgiveness. Prisoners deserve forgiveness just as much as anyone else, because God loves everyone equally. 

In America, there are 2.2 million prisoners, accounting for 25 percent of the world’s total prisoners. There are many opportunities to minister to this population due to the harsh realities of life away from ordinary society. One way you can enhance your ministry work is by serving as a prison chaplain as part of the Assemblies of God program.

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Ministerial Studies from Global University

At Global University, we want to seek the lost and train the found. Our Ministerial Studies program offers one way for pupils to help others to find room for Christ in their hearts. Reach out to Global University today, and we’ll start the conversation.