How You Help the Assemblies of God Mission Through Global University

Global University provides formal training for those who want to seek the lost and train the found in the Pentecostal tradition of the Assemblies of God. When you choose to become a student, you help the mission of the Assemblies of God in many relevant ways. Today’s blog from Global University explains.

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Worship God

The Assemblies of God follows a four-fold mission. One of those missions is to worship God. Worshipping God allows the Holy Spirit to move through your life, so you can follow the calling that God puts on your heart. Global University teaches you ways to pray and worship to enhance your ministry.

Show Compassion

Jesus showed everyone compassion, even the people who tortured and killed him. When we choose to be a disciple of Christ, we are asked to show compassion and forgiveness to everyone, no matter what. Global University will elucidate upon examples of compassion in the Bible to show you what it means to truly be a Christian in the tradition of the Assemblies of God. You don’t need to be perfect, because that’s impossible. But we do pray you’ll follow the example of Jesus and show people mercy, compassion, and love.

Evangelize the Lost

Global University’s mission is to seek the lost and train the found. The Assemblies of God follows the Great Commission of Jesus, who told his disciples to show other people the way through Christ. We have robust training programs to help you evangelize to the lost throughout your ministry.

Disciple Believers

The second half of Global University’s mission is to train the found. What does this mean for your life? It requires setting an example by serving as a disciple for newly found believers. New believers need to see a real-world example of what it means to live like Jesus. That’s where formal training helps you turn into someone who follows the biblical principles set forth by Christ, including loving God, loving one another, evangelizing non-believers, and training new believers to take up Christ’s mission for their life.

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